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0001318bareos-coredirectorpublic2022-07-13 11:32
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PlatformLinuxOSRHELOS Version7
Product Version19.2.9 
Summary0001318: autoprune and recycle not working in Bareos 19.2.7
DescriptionDo to many problems with the current Bereos, I have decided to build it from scratch.

Everything works, but when he reaches the max volume tapes with retention, he cannot create any backup any more.
I get the following error:
Volume "Incrementail-0001" has Volume Retention of 7776000 sec. and has 0 jobs that will be pruned
Volume "Incrementail-0100" has Volume Retention of 7776000 sec. and has 0 jobs that will be pruned

Also I have change the retention from 1 year to 3 months in the pool config file.
Then update the incrementail pool>
update --> Option 2 "Pool from resource" --> Option 3 Incremental
update --> Option 1 "Volumes parameters" --> Option 13: All volumes from pool --> Option 1 Incremental
 update --> Option 1 "Volumes parameters" --> Option 13: All volumes from pool -->Option 2 Full
 update --> Option 1 "Volumes parameters" --> Option 13: All volumes from pool -->Option 3 Incremental

This works, but how can autoprune and recycle work if max volumes is reaches and retention not?
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has duplicate 0001418 resolvedbruno-at-bareos Still autoprune and recycle not working in Bareos 19.2.7 




2021-04-02 12:39

reporter   ~0004108

Is someone here to help me with this ISSUE.
I need a solution for this.
The max volume tapes is set to 100 and retention is set to 90 days.
After reaches 100 and retention is 90 days I get:
Volume "Incrementail-0001" has Volume Retention of 7776000 sec. and has 0 jobs that will be pruned


2021-04-16 17:44

reporter   ~0004111

Why does no one help me with my problem.
It's needs to resolve this issue.


2022-01-03 12:40

reporter   ~0004445

Is there an update on this issue regarding autorecycle/prune bareos tapes when max volume has been reached.


2022-01-04 14:14

manager   ~0004449

Hello, you are on the community bug report, this is a best effort based system. If you need to have official support you can contact our sales team to get an offer.

Some suggestions, without having the whole aspect of your infrastructure.
A volume will get recycled only when its last written state will be over the retention period. A volume can contain several jobs, depending of what make the volume rotation, duration used, size, number of jobs.

Perhaps you are able to share some informations with us, show pool=XXXXX (where XXXX is the name of the pool containing your incrementail-0001 volume)
list media ...
And all information that can help people to help you.


2022-01-06 07:52

reporter   ~0004456

Last edited: 2022-01-11 13:26

Physical storage 2 TB
Used storage 1,98 TB

Name Type Volumes Maximum volumes Volume retention Maximum volume jobs Maximum volume bytes
Incremental Backup 4400 4400 3 month(s) 0 1.07 GB
Differential Backup 276 400 3 month(s) 0 10.74 GB
Full Backup 82 400 3 month(s) 0 53.69 GB

Incrementail-0001 throug Incrementail-4XXX
Differential-0001 throug Differential-1XX
Full-0001 throug Differential-1XX
A typical volume life cycle is like this:

              because job count or size limit exceeded
      Append -----------------------------------------> Used/Full
        ^ |
        | First Job writes to Retention time passed |
        | the volume and recycling takes |
        | place |
        | v
      Recycled <--------------------------------------------- Purged
                     Volume is selected for reuse

cat WeeklyCycle.conf
Schedule {
  Name = "WeeklyCycle"
  Run = Full 1st sat at 03:00 # (0000004)
  Run = Differential 2nd-5th sat at 03:00 # (0000007)
  Run = Incremental mon-fri at 03:00 # (0000010)

cat WeeklyCycle.conf
Schedule {
  Name = "WeeklyCycle"
  Run = Full 1st sat at 03:00 #
  Run = Differential 2nd-5th sat at 03:00 #
  Run = Incremental mon-fri at 03:00 #

cat WeeklyCycleAfterBackup.conf
Schedule {
  Name = "WeeklyCycleAfterBackup"
  Description = "This schedule does the catalog. It starts after the WeeklyCycle."
  Run = Full mon-fri at 21:10

So I have two problems:
1. Do to many tapes in the storage location is the hard disk now full. Is it possible to delete old tapes from the storage location and catalog database?
2. Do to max volume tapes of Incremental has been reached, it will not backup any until I increase the max volume tape configuration setting and it will not use a old one because the retention has not been reached.



2022-01-15 16:47

reporter   ~0004476

Can someone provide an update/solution to my problem?


2022-02-02 17:43

reporter   ~0004499

I am still waiting for support


2022-02-03 15:45

manager   ~0004500

This tool is mainly for bugs (daemon crash, install error, behavior not working as documented), with a best community based effort.
Maybe nobody in community is able to reproduce this error, often it means something has not been configured like it should.

You can imagine that of course the prune, rotation works, as it is tested on each build.

Please contact for consulting/support options.


2022-05-31 10:44

reporter   ~0004631

Last edited: 2022-06-01 12:03

I know now is on best effort and sorry for a very late response. past couple of months where hectic at work. But now I findout that the physical disk reach his storage capacitity. How can I delete volumes/tapes older than a month from disk and database. I cannot figure it out with the online documentation.

Can you please assist me, then I am very grateful to you!

With kind regards from,


2022-07-12 17:23

reporter   ~0004658

Do to not responding to my question, I have decided to use a other backsoftware that meet our needs.
There for the bug report can closed now.


2022-07-13 11:32

manager   ~0004659

asking for closing

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