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0000004bareos-coreinstaller / packagespublic2013-02-12 14:17
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OSWindowsOS Version7 Professional 
Summary0000004: Winbareos installer does not write config
DescriptionWinbareos installer does not seem to write config files - at least not in the expected directory. Expected them to be in the same directory as they used to be with B*cula.

They are not linked in the task-menu, neither.

Really not there or moved elsewhere and not documented?
Additional Informationwinbareos-12.4.0-64-bit-r7.1.exe
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2012-12-01 14:19


winbareos_without_config.PNG (81,480 bytes)   
winbareos_without_config.PNG (81,480 bytes)   


2012-12-01 14:46

administrator   ~0000001

Found out:
Configs now at c:\ProgramData\Bareos.

If there are existing configs while installer runs, new configs are stored as *.new (e.g. Hence software doesn't work,
if again installed after an uninstall with wrong configuration.

This makes user thing there is a bug despite having entered all config data correctly during installation.

Solution should be:
- rename old config to *old and install new config properly
- ask user to confirm to overwrite existing config


2012-12-03 16:39

administrator   ~0000004

The new installer (-8.1) now creates shortcuts in the startmenu for each config file.

Also, if config files exist, they are moved to *.old and the new ones are installed in the right path so that they are used.
When doing this, the user is informed that the file was moved to *.old.


2012-12-03 16:54

administrator   ~0000008

Please give feedback


2012-12-03 21:23

administrator   ~0000013

with 8.1 even worse: there are no config files at all written to c:\ProgramData\Bareos - directory is empty. Links in task menu are present.


2012-12-10 16:55

administrator   ~0000016

Problem seems to be related to old bacula installation on that system. This does not seem to work.

Make sure to first uninstall bacula before actually installing bareos.

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