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0000783bareos-corefile daemonpublic2017-03-20 13:07
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version8
Product Version16.2.4 
Summary0000783: Catalog Backup not working
The Catalog Backup is not working. We are using Bareos 16.2.4 on Debian 8.
We moved from 15.x to 16.x

The config files have been adapted to the new folder structure. The bareos-dir.conf was split and removed. Now the catalog backup fails.

Looking into the file /usr/lib/bareos/scripts/
revealed, that at the very bottom ("main loop" outside the sub functions), the script is looking for
$dir_conf=/usr/sbin/bareos-dbcheck -B -c /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.conf and $cat=MyCatalog
which is not existing any more.

I consider this high, as the catalog backup is essential in case of failure of the bareos system. If bareos system fails, the backups of the servers are lost. Which would be mission critical!
Steps To ReproduceI guess it should be the same with a fresh 16.2.4 installation. We moved from 15.x to 16.x though. After splitting the config files to the new structure, the BackupCatalog started to fail.
Additional InformationI guess the script needs to be modified or appended to match the old and new version. The old version would obviously still be working, but we now need to look into /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.d/catalog/* for the MyCatalog (which is given as an argument to the perl script).
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related to 0000797 closedjoergs not capable of new config structure 




2017-02-14 13:11

developer   ~0002564

I can not confirm this. I check a 16.2.4 release package, and it contains following line:
$dir_conf='/usr/sbin/bareos-dbcheck -B -c /etc/bareos';

With this configuration, it works like expected.
I've not yet checked the update path, but normally files in packages get replaced, if they are not modified configuration files. This file is not marked as configuration.

Please verify that your packages are properly installed.


2017-02-14 22:08

reporter   ~0002566

compiled 16.2.4 from source, $dir_conf in /usr/lib/bareos/scripts/ stated
my $dir_conf='/usr/sbin/bareos-dbcheck -B -c /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.conf';

This file did not exist - so it failed.


2017-02-14 22:13

reporter   ~0002567

@joergs - you are right, stripping the $dir_conf to /etc/bareos, the BackupCatalog is working again. This is easier than the solution provided in bareos pull/57.

Open question: why did compiling from source produce /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.conf ? any idea?


2017-02-14 22:58

reporter   ~0002568

Last edited: 2017-02-14 22:59

obsolete - it turned out that upgrading did not change the file. Building on a fresh server, it produced $dir_conf with
my $dir_conf='/usr/sbin/bareos-dbcheck -B -c /etc/bareos'
which is working fine. Sorry for any inconvenience.
I closed the pull/57.

Pleas close this bug report.

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