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0000734bareos-coreGeneralpublic2017-06-08 13:41
Reporterjoergs Assigned Tostephand  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version16.2.4 
Summary0000734: Release bareos-16.2.5
DescriptionThis ticket acts as a master ticket to collect information about this release.
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parent of 0000700 closed Soft Quota Grace period could be reseted only manually 
parent of 0000614 closed Command 'purge volume action=truncate storage=file allpools' asks for pool although parameter 'allpools' is given 
parent of 0000756 closedstephand Restoring Windows Backup to Linux FD with Python Plugin enabled fails with Fatal error: python-fd: Illegal plugin definition 
parent of 0000757 closed [PATCH] Director daemon crashes on configuration load when job does not contain storage and pool definition 
parent of 0000750 closed Trying to reload the Director configuration after adding a second director resource leaves the Director in an invalid state 
parent of 0000780 closedjoergs Reload configuration error prevents bconsole connecting anymore 
parent of 0000768 closed Warning of failed VSS writer SqlServerWriter after 16.2 client upgrade. 




2017-03-07 10:31

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