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0000613bareos-coredirectorpublic2020-02-24 11:08
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version6
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Summary0000613: PID file is not cleared when hard reset occurs
DescriptionI am running Bareos on a server that about once a month has a hardware event the causes an instantaneous reboot with no proper shutdown. This is my problem.

However I have noticed that the processes bareos-fd and bareos-sd will recover on reboot even though the PID file for each process still exists.

The process bareos-dir will not start because the PID file still exists but the process is NOT running.

So I'm looking at the code in ./src/lib/bsys.c Line 597 and it mentions bug 0000797 which I can not find.
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2016-02-03 15:56

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If I stop Bareos properly, I notice that pid file for bareos-dir does not get removed. If the PID file were removed on process exit, my issue would still exist.



2020-02-24 11:08

reporter   ~0003851

I think that on CentOS, at least on CentOS7, the pidfile should move to /run
This directory is a temporary filesystem that is recreated at each reboot.

I've had a hard reboot of several machines and the following occured:
- After the hard reboot and another process is running with the process id that is listed in the pidfile
- Bareos-fd is not started as systemd thinks that bareos-fd is already running
- When restarting bareos-fd (with the command systemctl restart bareos-fd), systemd actually kills the other process and then starts bareos-fd.

On machines running eg haproxy, we've had on multiple servers the case that haproxy was killed during restart of bareos-fd.

I think this also applies to other bareos components, like bareos-dir and bareos-sd.

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