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0001244bareos-core[All Projects] webuipublic2021-04-29 10:49
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Summary0001244: Problem with displaying restore jobs in webui
DescriptionWhen I create two or more recovery task files with Type = Restore, these tasks no longer appear in webui.
At the same time, everything works correctly through bconsole.

version 19.2.6
Steps To ReproduceCreate conf files in /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.d/job
Job {
  Name = "SyspassRestoreDB"
  Description = "Standard Restore template. Only one such job is needed for all standard Jobs/Clients/Storage ..."
  Type = Restore
  Client = psono-fd
  FileSet = "mysql-syspass"
  Storage = S3File
  Pool = Fullmysql
  Messages = Standard
  Where = /tmp/bareos-restores

  RunScript {
    FailJobOnError = Yes
    RunsOnSuccess = Yes
    RunsOnClient = Yes
    RunsWhen = After
    Command = "sh -c 'mysql -u root -h -p11111 test_db < /tmp/bareos-restores/_mysqlbackups_/syspass.sql'"

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