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Product Version19.2.4~pre 
Summary0001143: Update a Job to Accurate instead of Full backup on FileSet changes.
DescriptionCurrently (19.2.4) changes to the File directive in a FileSet result that the next backup job is upgraded to a Full backup, see

It has several disadvantages:
  * The job is only upgraded on changes to the File directive. Changes to the options, which may also result into a different fileset are not covered.
  * Even if the fileset does only include one file more (or in effect does not change anything, as the path do not exist), all files would be backed up again.
  * If your backup uses the Accurate option, upgrade to Full is not even required.

A better solution would be to upgrade a backup to an Accurate backup instead of a Full backup.
This has the same benefits like an upgrade to a Full backup (not missing any newly included files),
but instead instead of a Full backup, it does not backup all files again, but only the changed and newly added files (or mark removed files as removed).

Also a Accurate job produces more load on the network and on the client than a normal Incremental job, however, much less than a Full backup.

An further improvement would be to upgrade a Job on any change to a fileset. The current behavior does not cover all relevant cases (e.g. switching OneFS from on to off may result in a lot more files to backup. However, these files will no be covered by an Incremental Non-Accurate job.)
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related to 0001115 closed changing onefs value in fileset should force a full backup 


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