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0001115bareos-core[All Projects] directorpublic2019-09-21 13:02
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Summary0001115: changing onefs value in fileset should force a full backup
DescriptionThe documentation in the FileSet Resource section of bareos documents (as of 21 September 2019) states, in the second paragraph:

"Any change to the list of the included files will cause Bareos to automatically create a new FileSet (defined by the name and an MD5 checksum of the Include/Exclude contents). Each time a new FileSet is created, Bareos will ensure that the next backup is always a Full save."

This says very specifically that a change to the list of included files will force a full backup; merely changing an option value such as onefs does not do so.

I mounted a filesystem in the area to be backed up, changing (actually, adding) "onefs = no" to the fileset. I tried several times to get the files in the mounted file system to be backed up, with no luck. After CAREFULLY reading your documentation, I realized that (probably) a change to the disposition of the onefs option does not apply to the quoted paragraph.

In my situation at least, mounting the filesystem within the fileset definition's area introduced new files to be backed up. I am not sure how this might affect other users, nor do I know if any other options should force a full backup. I am cautious not to conjecture too much on an ideal solution, as I am not aware of how every last installation is configured or what results users expect. (I certainly expected the next backup to pull in the files on the mounted file system.)
Steps To ReproduceMount a file system containing some files in an area defined to be backed up in a fileset.

Change or add the option "onefs = no" to the fileset (where the options section did not specify it previously).

Run the same backup(s) which use that fileset, ensuring they are set to be run next as incremental.

Check to see if the files on the mounted file system are included in the backup.
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