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0001095bareos-core[All Projects] webuipublic2019-07-09 14:25
ReporterjoergsAssigned Toastoorangi 
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Product Version18.2.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version19.2.1 
Summary0001095: webui: when login as a user without the permission to the ".api" command, the webui show a wrong and ugly error message
DescriptionWhen login to the webui as a user without the permission to the ".api" command (e.g. without a profile setting), the webui show:

Error: API 2 not available on director. Please upgrade to version 15.2.2 or greater and/or compile with jansson support.

Even when using the current webui and Bareos director.

When reloading the page, as better error will be display.
It shows the dashboard, with following hint:

Sorry, it seems you are not authorized to run this module. If you think this is an error, please contact your local administrator.

It would be good, if only the second message would be displayed.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a user without profile using the bconsole:
* configure add console=test1 password=secret tlsenable=false

Login to the WebUI as user test1
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2019-07-09 13:22

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Fix committed to bareos master branch with changesetid 11571.

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bareos: master 91a33e04

2019-07-09 11:49:42


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webui: Better error message if user has no permission to the ".api" command

Fixes 0001095: webui: when login as a user without the permission to the ".api" command, the webui show a wrong and ugly error message

restructured loginAction in AuthController

createForm() also ends the session now, Univention will be handled like Debian
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mod - webui/module/Auth/src/Auth/Controller/AuthController.php Diff File

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