Released 2017-12-13
Bareos 17.2.4
0000859: [General] Bareos >= 17.2 does not compile on Solaris 11 (using Solaris Studio)
0000861: [General] Release bareos-17.2.4 (joergs)
       0000793: [director] Always incremental consolidate fails when no files are changed (pstorz)
       0000719: [director] ERROR in output_formatter.c:822 Failed to send result as json.
       0000705: [director] create_bareos_database fails on MySQL 5.7
       0000639: [storage daemon] bareos unable to read AWS VTL iSCSI devices
0000809: [director] MySQL errors on Installation
0000787: [vmware plugin] VMWare plugin is not in the ubuntu repo
0000801: [file daemon] do not apply attributes to folders (hidden and compressed) after recovery
0000827: [webui] webui volume retention is not showed correctly
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