Released 2019-01-31
0001040: [General] Release bareos-18.2.5 (pstorz)
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Released 2018-07-16
0000966: [General] Release bareos-17.2.7 (joergs)
       0000902: [storage daemon] bareos-storage-droplet: immediate restore fails, works after some seconds (joergs)
       0000892: [storage daemon] bareos-storage-droplet: if configured with unreachable S3 system, backup will terminate with OK
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Released 2018-07-06
0000967: [General] Symbolic links are not replaceable during restore on Win FD
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Released 2018-06-21
0000916: [General] Release bareos-17.2.6 (joergs)
       0000695: [director] Crash in director statistics thread
       0000969: [director] Single file restore within webui seems to be broken
       0000964: [director] Query failed: ERROR: column reference "jobbytes" is ambiguous
       0000875: [director] 17.2.4-rc2 mysql part don't compile on Fedora 27
       0000903: [director] director crashes some time after a reload if Collect Statistic is enabled
             0000695: [director] Crash in director statistics thread
       0000872: [storage daemon] 17.2.3 build fails on Fedora 27 at compiling the cephfs plugin
       0000943: [General] Build fails because Sun RPC call's are removed under Fedora 28
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Released 2018-02-16
0000895: [director] Cannot get description in fileset with bconsole
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Released 2017-12-14
0000859: [General] Bareos >= 17.2 does not compile on Solaris 11 (using Solaris Studio)
0000861: [General] Release bareos-17.2.4 (joergs)
       0000793: [director] Always incremental consolidate fails when no files are changed (pstorz)
       0000719: [director] ERROR in output_formatter.c:822 Failed to send result as json.
       0000705: [director] create_bareos_database fails on MySQL 5.7
       0000639: [storage daemon] bareos unable to read AWS VTL iSCSI devices
0000809: [director] MySQL errors on Installation
0000787: [vmware plugin] VMWare plugin is not in the ubuntu repo
0000801: [file daemon] do not apply attributes to folders (hidden and compressed) after recovery
0000827: [webui] webui volume retention is not showed correctly
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Released 2017-10-09
0000836: [General] Release bareos-16.2.7 (joergs)
       0000826: [director] Enabling debugging output crashes Director (joergs)
       0000840: [webui] bareos-webui openSUSE RPM has hard require to apache2_mod-php (5 or 7)
       0000819: [General] bareos project fails to compile with openssl 1.1 (joergs)
       0000629: [file daemon] windows: Attributes for directories not restored
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Released 2016-10-28
0000652: [webui] Sort by default on job id and allow more items to list by default
0000646: [webui] Problems with certain characters in client name
0000650: [webui] webui does not propertly handle director witch use two catalogs for client backups
0000603: [webui] no files in bareos-webui restore menu
0000180: [director] Be able to create a new client interactively in bconsole
0000562: [file daemon] VSS Plugin is missing method IVssBackupComponents::SetBackupSucceeded
0000698: [General] Release bareos-16.2.4 (stephand)
       0000702: [General] NDMP test fails on some distributions with some database backends
       0000704: [webui] When updating from 15.2, the bareos-dir webui profile does not allow all required commands for the webui
0000662: [storage daemon] bareos-storage daemon dies (joergs)
0000628: [director] output of list command not restricted for own jobs/clients on restricted consoles with ACLs
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Released 2016-07-11
0000384: [General] mssqldvi prolem with connection to mssql not default instance (mvwieringen)
0000584: [General] Release bareos-14.2.7 (joergs)
       0000384: [General] mssqldvi prolem with connection to mssql not default instance (mvwieringen)
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0000710: [director] Failed to set TCP_KEEPIDLE = 5184000 on socket: Invalid argument
0000688: [file daemon] "select files by size" feature - ssize_t type overflow on Linux x86 (mvwieringen)
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Released 2016-04-14
Maintenance Release
0000624: [director] Memory leak in bareos-dir (joergs)
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Released 2015-11-19
0000416: [General] Release bareos-13.2.5
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Released 2015-11-19
0000392: [General] Release bareos-12.4.8
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Released 2015-11-19
0000559: [webui] PHP notices on restore page, fileset now showing
0000541: [webui] 15.2-rc1 webui "restore" just gets blank page
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Released 2014-12-12
0000383: [director] dir command in bconsole crash bareos-dir
0000308: [General] Enable/Disable Scheduler
0000381: [storage daemon] btape tests fail on blocksizes > 256k
0000181: [director] Add command for doing a name resolution on client.
0000321: [file daemon] Add ability to specify server address for ADO connect string.
0000365: [api] Baseclass for Bareos Director Python plugins
0000376: [installer / packages] dkpg error messages
0000380: [installer / packages] Debian: when migrating from 13.2 to 14.2 with postgres backend on Debian systems, database permissions are not set correctly
0000309: [General] Create individual icons for different programs
0000375: [director] passive mode with TLS does not work during backup.
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Released 2014-11-07
0000293: [director] director segfaults doing update slots when all slots are empty
0000294: [General] Error in bconsole-ACL
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Released 2014-11-05
0000288: [director] Disable client in client configuration
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Released 2014-03-11
0000236: [General] Hardcoded path for postgres (verison) in scripts
0000257: [file daemon] When using passive mode and TLS using NAT the verify peer mode will fail.
0000261: [director] "cancel all" crashs often director (pstorz)
0000265: [storage daemon] job hangs and cannot be terminated if spool file is not writable
0000233: [storage daemon] Missing handling of "close" errors
0000260: [General] Unable to compile/install the client under Solaris 10 U11
0000016: [installer / packages] Need fd packages for Solaris
0000213: [file daemon] enable remote plugin info query
0000287: [director] Director crashes when limiting bandwidth for running job
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Released 2013-11-19
0000196: [General] Plugin framework enhancements.
0000199: [file daemon] Plugin to do backup of Microsoft Sql Server (mssql) server
0000207: [General] Implement plugin options passing.
0000212: [director] Error path on connection refused for NDMP agent query crashes director.
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Released 2013-11-19
0000234: [installer / packages] Do not offer upgrade if existing version cannot keep cfg on silent uninstall
0000235: [installer / packages] offer setting of compatible setting of client during install
0000250: [file daemon] bareos-fd asserts when reading a file from ntfs volume mounted on linux
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Released 2013-06-17
0000014: [director] Implement a scheduler preview for up to one year.
0000146: [director] Variable "Job Exit Code" in mailcommand reports always "Error" when doing copy or migration job
0000155: [director] runafterjob doesn't get executed if a runscript directive is placed before the directive runafterjob
0000159: [General] Display Error in bconsole for status slots; did not show empty slot after load
0000160: [director] Job overwrite "nextpool" in run command in bconsole doesn't work
0000163: [installer / packages] add link to to installer
0000165: [bat] If during a backup the filedaemon dies the TrayIcon remains blinking
0000168: [director] Enhance rerun command to be able to restart all failed jobs from last n days
0000169: [director] Pool Overrides are overriden by "Full Backup Pool" Directive
0000172: [director] time command should also show weekday (pstorz)
0000166: [storage daemon] bareos-sd seems not to shutdown properly - drive lock prevents media removal (user12)
0000162: [storage daemon] unlike mtx package mt-st doesn't get installed automatically installing bareos - split off bareos-storage package (pstorz)
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Released 2013-04-15
0000049: [installer / packages] Install Parameters and Helptext for cmd installation
0000121: [installer / packages] Deinstallation of windows installer works, but is not removed from the software list in windows.
0000036: [director] Implementation of restore using a set of copies of an original job
0000079: [installer / packages] configure Windows firewall with package installation
0000088: [director] Upgraded jobs use wrong pool
0000099: [installer / packages] user bareos unable to operate tape changer due to wrong permissions
0000135: [director] modulo scheduler does not work with weeks
0000139: [director] export command in a RunScript ressource does not get the correct volume when doing scheduled JobType Copy
0000140: [installer / packages] Winbareos installer renames old config when updating
0000148: [installer / packages] Backup Error: BackupCatalog fails duescript make_catalog_backup needs binary bareos-dbcheck, which is in bareos-database-tools
0000156: [installer / packages] bareos-dir crashes after update using the exit command in bconsole and bat
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