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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00007951   directorminornew2017-03-20Invalid name for volume
  00007781   directormajornew2017-03-14Always Incremental Consolidation is consolidating and deleting backup copies from a DR pool
  00007961   directorminornew2017-03-10NDMP Restore Error Messages
  00007901   directorminornew2017-03-06Always Incremental Max Full Age problem?
  00007561   file daemonminorresolved (stephand)2017-03-03Restoring Windows Backup to Linux FD with Python Plugin enabled fails with Fatal error: python-fd: Illegal plugin definition
  0000773 2 webuiminorconfirmed (frank)2017-03-02Webui Restore don't show complete folder content of large folders
  0000766    webuimajorconfirmed (frank)2017-03-02Hardcoded default limit on .bvfs_lsdirs and .bvfs_lsfiles prevents webui from loading all directory content
  00007753   directorminornew2017-03-02VirtualFull job Queued - nothing to do
  00007912   file daemonmajornew2017-03-02mssql plugin can't restore to other soft
  0000711    webuitweakassigned (frank)2017-03-02Consolidate job shows first backupped client after run/ACL?
  0000788    directormajornew2017-02-23Failed job remain in running on director
  00006083   directormajorfeedback2017-02-16Recycling volume not working when using directive Max Volume jobs=1
  000069497 storage daemonmajorassigned (pstorz)2017-02-15Backup sparse file on storage with autoxflate lead to unrecoverable data
  000040241 directorminorfeedback2017-02-14MaximumConcurrentJobs and AllowMixedPriority
  0000782    directorminoracknowledged2017-02-09Disk full not adequately detected
  000072622 webuiminorassigned (frank)2017-01-17Webui Restore don't schow folders with ΓΌ in the name
  0000767    file daemonminornew2017-01-16VSS Snapshot timeouts - VSS_WS_FAILED_AT_FREEZE
  00007645   directormajornew2017-01-12VirtualFull job does not do anything
  0000765    directorminornew2017-01-12Rerunning a failed consolidate virtualfull job consolidates all jobs of the client instead of only expired ones
  0000762    file daemonminornew2017-01-11Error: filed/restore.c:1231 Write error on
  0000754    file daemonmajornew2017-01-03full backup always fail
  00007371   directorfeatureacknowledged2016-12-12bareos director fails to work with bacula-client >= 7.x
  00007321   webuiminorconfirmed (frank)2016-12-07URL should not contain rerun action
  00006782   directorminorresolved (stephand)2016-12-03BVFS Fatal Error (duplicate key value violates unique constraint)
  0000733    directorminornew2016-12-02Plugin Options (mssqlvdi) in Job definitions
  00006752   webuiminorconfirmed (frank)2016-12-02Restore : when changing Restore job doesn't read definition
  00006702   vmware plugincrashnew2016-11-28backup of large vmdks corrupt
  0000724    directormajornew2016-11-14FileSet: Dynamic exclude file list ignored when displaying estimate listing job=<jobname>
  0000723    directormajornew2016-11-10Defining FileSet Resource Option RegexDir on first level subdirectory fails
  00005793   webuiblockconfirmed (frank)2016-11-06Unable to connect to the director via ipv6
  00006851   webuifeatureacknowledged (frank)2016-11-03Add option to show directory size at "Restore File selection"
  00006902   Generalcrashnew2016-10-27bcopy segfault
  0000713    file daemonfeaturenew2016-10-17Client Initiated Connection support in windows installer
  00007091   storage daemoncrashnew2016-10-14Storage Daemon crashes
  00007073   directortweakconfirmed2016-10-1413-Oct 21:02 bareos-dir JobId 0: Error: "fileset" directive in Job "Consolidate" resource is required, but not found.
  00007012   installer / packagesminorresolved (joergs)2016-10-07default installation defines two identical jobs
  00006991   file daemonmajornew2016-09-28bareos-fd fails to start when server is in FIPS mode
  0000688 1 file daemonminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-08-20"select files by size" feature - ssize_t type overflow on Linux x86
  00006891   directorminorresolved2016-08-19Interactive job modification not working as expected, resource edits get lost depending on mod order
  0000687    file daemonmajornew2016-08-12directive "drive type = fixed" dont work in same cases
   00006861   directorfeatureacknowledged2016-08-12Ability to authenticate in consoles trougth LDAP, SASL or PAM
  00006831   storage daemonminorfeedback2016-08-09Bareos-sd stops on one job
  0000681    storage daemoncrashnew2016-08-05SD crashes during NDMP smtape backup
  0000679    storage daemonmajornew2016-08-04Key unwrapping fails in 14.2.7 for Keys generated in 14.2.2
  00006022   directorminorconfirmed2016-08-02NDMP/NetApp : more than 10 thousand of warning log messages
  00002752   storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2016-07-24Support mixed LTO drives and tapes setup
  00006734   directorminorassigned (pstorz)2016-07-15restore command does not select multiply filesets in non-interactive mode
  0000672    Generalminorassigned (joergs)2016-07-08Release bareos-14.2.8
  00006326   file daemonmajorresolved2016-07-08fd-bpipe plugin merges stderr with stdout, which can result in corrupted backups.
  00006152   file daemoncrashresolved2016-07-08symlinks/junctions wrong target path on restore
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