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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000639131 storage daemonminoracknowledged2017-08-18bareos unable to read AWS VTL iSCSI devices
  0000845    storage daemoncrashconfirmed2017-08-17NetApp OnCommand System Manager calls on SD Port 10000 lead to Segmentation Violation
  00007931   directormajornew2017-08-16Always incremental consolidate fails when no files are changed
  0000844    vmware pluginmajornew2017-08-15Backup VMWare to NFS not working
  0000843    directorcrashnew2017-08-10bareos-dir crashed with Segfault when parsing config files with job type = consolidate w/o pool and storage definition
  0000842    directormajornew2017-08-08Cannot create database anymore on MySQL 5.17 and higher
  0000836    Generalminorassigned (stephand)2017-08-07Release bareos-16.2.7
  00008265   directorcrashresolved (joergs)2017-08-07Enabling debugging output crashes Director
  0000841    directormajornew2017-08-07Bareos tries to mount volume from another storage
  000083853 file daemonmajorresolved (joergs)2017-08-07File corruption with SHA1 signature
  00008291   storage daemontrivialnew2017-07-26Consolidate Job fails beacuse of volume corrupted
  0000837    directorminorassigned (stephand)2017-07-20performance issues with .bvfs_lsdirs while having a large number of directories
  0000832 1 webuiminorassigned (frank)2017-07-20Problem listing volumes using autochanger
  0000268162 storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2017-07-18RFE for disabling inline compression routine in sd to take advantage of deduplication filesystems
  0000835    directormajornew2017-07-18Restore job picks wrong storage
  000079953 directorcrashnew2017-07-17bareos-director crashes on backup job
  00007481   documentationmajorresolved (joergs)2017-07-17TLS section examples should be updated to reflect split conf files and possible multiple servers
  00007293   directormajornew2017-07-16Run an incremental job via console work, but via schedule it fails.
  0000833    storage daemonblocknew2017-07-14Label command failed
  0000831    webuiminorassigned (frank)2017-07-11Update Check: Windows client versions are not determined properly
  00008283   directorblocknew2017-07-07Bareos restores empty files of MS SQL backup
  0000830    directormajornew2017-07-06Client consolidation job lasts over 10 hours to complete
  00008121   webuifeatureassigned (frank)2017-06-30Add job status in the "Last Backups" section of the Client view
  000082121 Generalfeaturenew2017-06-22[PATCH] Add "%S" (Elapsed time) to expanded character list in RunScript Command
  00008193   Generalmajornew2017-06-22bareos project fails to compile with openssl 1.1
  0000827    webuiminorassigned (frank)2017-06-21webui volume retention is not showed correctly
  00007922   directormajornew2017-06-20Unable to use "AllowDuplicateJobs = no" with AlwaysIncremental / Consolidate jobs
  00007973 not capable of new config structure
  000071916   directormajorassigned (joergs)2017-06-16ERROR in output_formatter.c:822 Failed to send result as json.
  00006313   directorminorfeedback2017-06-14No DB-reconnect after connection lost (again)
  0000691205 storage daemonmajorresolved2017-06-08Backup job fails with "No Volume name given."
  000080212 directorcrashfeedback2017-06-08Director crashes on backup
  00000651   regression testingfeatureacknowledged2017-06-08regression test for "select files by size"
  00007104   directorminorresolved2017-06-08Failed to set TCP_KEEPIDLE = 5184000 on socket: Invalid argument
  000076351 directormajorresolved (joergs)2017-06-08some Backups fail after 605 seconds in a schedule of 170 server
  000082411 directorminoracknowledged2017-06-08Consolidation job requires explicit Storage definiton in Pool resource
  000074611 directorminorresolved2017-06-08Status storage slots picks wrong storage daemon
  00007473   documentationfeatureacknowledged2017-06-08Consider moving away from one long page
  0000777    directorfeatureacknowledged2017-06-08New Variable for Messages
  00007872   vmware pluginminoracknowledged2017-06-08VMWare plugin is not in the ubuntu repo
  0000798    Generalminorassigned (maik)2017-06-08Release bareos-15.2.5
  0000825    storage daemonmajornew2017-06-06Migrate jobs (SD to SD) in TLS
  00007286   webuimajoracknowledged (frank)2017-05-30restore to the different client doesn't work
  0000823 1 Generalmajornew2017-05-25Wrong Volume Label
  0000820    directorminornew2017-05-10bconsole: (l)list command arguments limit and offset not working in every context
  00008171   storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2017-05-09Is it possible to proxy DIR->FD connections through the SD?
  00008012   file daemonmajornew2017-05-07do not apply attributes to folders (hidden and compressed) after recovery
  000070571 directorfeaturenew2017-05-03create_bareos_database fails on MySQL 5.7
  0000816    webuimajorassigned (frank)2017-05-03Incorrect display value of the item Retention/Expiration depending on the selected localization
  0000814    storage daemonmajornew2017-04-28Can't get the status storage when the task is executed.
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