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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000933    directormajornew2018-03-22Fatal error: fd_plugins.c:1237 Unbalanced call to createFile=0 0
  00009321   storage daemoncrashnew2018-03-21SD crash after tape device disappears
  00009281   file daemonminornew2018-03-17using non-default port conflicts with systemd unit (and init script) PIDFile
  00004776   file daemonminoracknowledged2018-03-15Bareos-fd fails with IPv6
  0000931    directorfeaturenew2018-03-14please add raw values capabilities for machine reading
  0000930    directorfeaturenew2018-03-14Bareos logging, want just the Status
  00009094   directormajornew2018-03-13"Reschedule on error" recognized, but not actually rescheduling the job
  0000897171 webuimajorconfirmed (frank)2018-03-13Webui dashboard cannot access catalog data (input just spinning)
  00008918   webuimajorresolved (frank)2018-03-12Webui will not open some windows clients directories
  000089331 webuimajorresolved (frank)2018-03-12webui cannot list dirs with only files in them
  0000929    installer / packagesminornew2018-03-09Create databases script fails with --host option and postgresql
  00008431   directorcrashnew2018-03-09bareos-dir crashed with Segfault when parsing config files with job type = consolidate w/o pool and storage definition
  0000927    documentationminornew2018-03-05Provide install instructions for database engine on different host
  00009074   file daemonmajorfeedback2018-03-05Incremental Job backups same files
  0000926    documentationminornew2018-03-04Maximum Connections option for the director settings is not described
  0000925    documentationminornew2018-03-04Log Timestamp Format option for the director settings is not described
  0000924    documentationminornew2018-03-03Absolute Job Timeout option for the director settings is not described
  0000923    directormajornew2018-03-02sql_query retry hides real error
  00008061   file daemonmajornew2018-03-02LDAP plugin fails backup of 2012R2 Active Directory with Fatal error: no type in startBackupFile packet
  0000922    directorminornew2018-03-02true/false will not work always in the same manner as yes/no
  0000921    vmware pluginmajorassigned (stephand)2018-02-28VM backup restore: "localvmdk=yes" does not have an effect when specified in fileset
  0000920    Generalfeaturenew2018-02-26Add option to ignore/skip files with mismatched sizes
  00009191   Generalminoracknowledged2018-02-21The capabilities of ping command are lost after the restore with bareos
  00009181   documentationmajorfeedback2018-02-21missing realworld examples in the documentation
  0000917    file daemonfeaturenew2018-02-20please add the possibility to use multithreading for compressed data
  0000916    Generalminornew2018-02-20Release bareos-17.2.6
  00009153   directorcrashresolved (joergs)2018-02-20Unable to load any shared library for
  00009112   Generalmajornew2018-02-16Can't write cyrillic in bconsole on Windows
  0000912    documentationtweakassigned (frank)2018-02-15wrong configuration path for apache
   0000913    documentationtrivialassigned (frank)2018-02-15uncomplete documentation to install the webgui
  0000914 2 webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-02-15wrong language for a specific icon/popup
  00009082   webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-02-15webui fails to display media
  00009051   webuimajorresolved (frank)2018-02-13Restore WebUI - Enable to browse directory when a file name contain a single quote
  0000906    directormajornew2018-02-11Always Incremental Consolidate job tries to mount Full backup from wrong storage
  00009042   directorminorfeedback (stephand)2018-02-08restore incremental, take hours to build filelist (missing index on File table / mysql 5.5)
  00008982   Generalminorresolved (joergs)2018-02-07Parallel build fails on s390x with make -j4
  000080311 webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-02-04Does not list files in bareos-webui when restoring
  0000903    directorcrashconfirmed2018-02-02director crashes some time after a reload if Collect Statistic is enabled
  000069541 directormajornew2018-02-02Crash in director statistics thread
  000089931 directormajornew2018-02-02Bareos crashes with some clients
  0000902    storage daemonminornew2018-01-31bareos-storage-droplet: immediate restore fails, works after some seconds
  0000892    storage daemonminornew2018-01-31bareos-storage-droplet: if configured with unreachable S3 system, backup will terminate with OK
  00007795   directorminornew2018-01-31Always Incremental Consolidate job does not prune the storage volumes
  00009012   directorcrashnew2018-01-28Selecing "CopyDiskToTape" job in webui crashes director
  0000900    file daemonfeatureassigned (joergs)2018-01-27platforms/osx/Makefile conflicts when building for homebrew
  00008351   directormajoracknowledged2018-01-27Restore job picks wrong storage
  0000896    webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-01-26Argument 0000001 is not an array in JobModel.php
  0000894    storage daemonmajornew2018-01-26Restore error with Auto Deflate = in
  000082141 Generalfeatureresolved2018-01-25[PATCH] Add "%S" (Elapsed time) to expanded character list in RunScript Command
  00008891   installer / packagesminorresolved2018-01-22latest symlink still point to v16
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