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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00010034   file daemonminornew2018-09-18Fatal error: bpipe-fd: Error closing stream for pseudo file /home/backup.sql: 268435457
  0001008    vmware plugincrashnew2018-09-18VMWare Plugin crashes on incremental backup for some VMs
  000094210   storage daemoncrashresolved2018-09-14undefined symbol when launching SD in bareos- RPM
  0001006    storage daemoncrashresolved (joergs)2018-09-14Storage daemon segfaults in update_job_statistics when starting scheduled jobs
  000100721 apiminorassigned (joergs)2018-09-13JSON API: 'list files' returns malformed json
  0000949111 storage daemonmajorresolved2018-09-06S3 Droplet backend documentation missing
  0001004 1 storage daemonmajornew2018-09-03Very high cpu usage on Debian stretch
  00007925   directormajornew2018-08-29Unable to use "AllowDuplicateJobs = no" with AlwaysIncremental / Consolidate jobs
  0001002    storage daemonminornew2018-08-29despooling/writing to disk is inefficient
  0001001    directorminornew2018-08-28Problem with the differential backup
  00010001   file daemonminornew2018-08-26Could not stat "i:/OneDrive - my company name": ERR: access denied
  0000999    webuiminornew2018-08-22Directory tree does not load if more than one drive letter is backed up.
  00009931   storage daemonminornew2018-08-09bareos-sd complains about corrupted volume, but bls/bextract works fine
  00009412   installer / packagesminoracknowledged2018-08-09Ubuntu 18.04 installation failes, because its not shipping depency libreadline6 anymore
  00009981   webuimajornew2018-08-09Queryloop at restore
  00007287   webuimajoracknowledged (frank)2018-08-09restore to the different client doesn't work
  0000997    directormajornew2018-08-08NDMP_BAREOS dont send LEVEL var when BUTYPE==tar
  00009082   webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-08-08webui fails to display media
  00009731   webuimajorresolved (aron_s)2018-08-08WEBUI Restore Too Many Files error caused by bad JSON [issue present at least from 17.2.4]
  00009964   directorcrashnew2018-08-06Reloading director configuration crashes with a double free
  0000995    file daemonminornew2018-08-03File Daemon Prevents Power Saving
  00009741   webuiminorresolved (aron_s)2018-07-30Submitting job jumps to invalid site
  0000992    file daemoncrashnew2018-07-28Plugin cephfs-fd crash against a Luminous Ceph cluster
  0000991    directormajornew2018-07-28shadowing=globalremove do not consider excluded files
  00009441   directorminornew2018-07-27Failed to start Bareos Director Daemon service
  00009891   webuitrivialassigned (aron_s)2018-07-26Sorting on Column "Retention/Expiration" fails
  0000990    storage daemonmajorassigned (franku)2018-07-23SD sometimes tries to load empty tape slot (TT4200262)
  00009885   Generalmajornew2018-07-20Truncate command do nothing
  0000956    webuifeatureassigned (frank)2018-07-18Add Remember Me feature to webui login
  00009871   directormajorassigned (franku)2018-07-18Canceling a job leads to a director crash (TT4200333)
  00009861   directorminornew2018-07-17status job=xxxx not giving correct job status
  0000873    installer / packagesminornew2018-07-16BAREOS CLIENT 64BITS 16.3.1 (01 July 2016)
  0000985    apitrivialnew2018-07-15Bareos Configuration in JSON format
  0000984    Generalminorassigned (joergs)2018-07-13Release bareos-17.2.8
  00009651   directorminorfeedback2018-07-13"status job" command incomplete crashs director remotelly
  00009822   configuration guitweaknew2018-07-12even with scrach tape and recycle in theft
  0000975    apimajorassigned (stephand)2018-07-12.bvfs_lsdirs limit offset command parameters do not work properly
  000098112 webuiminornew2018-07-10can not see file names when restoring
  0000980    directormajorassigned (joergs)2018-07-09release command not allowed in runscript makes admin job "ReleaseAllTapeDrives.conf" unusable
  000095051 file daemonmajornew2018-07-05MariaDB backup with percona plugin
  00009075   file daemonmajorfeedback2018-07-05Incremental Job backups same files
  0000979    documentationtextnew2018-07-05Clarify Documentation of Max Wait Time Parameter
  0000978    directorfeaturenew2018-07-04Define encryption to pool ; auto encrypt tapes when purged
  000095931 storage daemonminornew2018-07-03bareos-sd return empty error message
  000097734 storage daemonmajornew2018-07-03Authorization key rejected by Storage Daemon upon upgrade from 16.2.6 to 17.2.6
  0000976    Generalminorassigned (joergs) - IndexError: string index out of range in case of gui mode on
  00008352   directormajoracknowledged2018-06-28Restore job picks wrong storage
  0000863    Generalminorassigned (stephand)2018-06-28Release bareos-16.2.8
  00009701   storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2018-06-28The S3 storage Plug-in (droplet) can't build under Fedora 28.
  0000972    directormajornew2018-06-28VirtualFull search for volume on wrong storage
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