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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00010195   directormajornew2018-12-17Director hangs waiting for client if not available PSK
  00009511   Generalmajornew2018-12-14Differential backup compute date from last incremental
  00010011   directorminornew2018-12-14Problem with the differential backup
  00008451   storage daemoncrashconfirmed2018-12-13NetApp OnCommand System Manager calls on SD Port 10000 lead to Segmentation Violation
  0001031    file daemoncrashnew2018-12-09If attempting to backup to a bareos 16 director (running debian stretch), fd segfaultsq
  00010081   vmware plugincrashnew2018-12-06VMWare Plugin crashes on incremental backup for some VMs
  00010301   storage daemonminornew2018-12-06bscan does not work for migration and copy jobs
  00008055   webuimajorresolved (stephand)2018-12-06can't restore vmware-plugin assisted backups via webui
   000102412 storage daemonminornew2018-11-28crash SD if 2 jobs are running using one tape
  00007141   Generalminornew2018-11-27tray-monitor does not start with default install in Windows
  0001029    directormajorassigned (franku)2018-11-26Deadlock on DIRD
  00009076   file daemonmajorfeedback2018-11-20Incremental Job backups same files
  0001028    Generalminornew2018-11-14`llist job=<job name>` list all job runs instead of specified only
  0001027    directormajornew2018-11-0932bit integer overflow in sql LIMIT clause
  00009413   installer / packagesminoracknowledged2018-11-07Ubuntu 18.04 installation failes, because its not shipping depency libreadline6 anymore
  000102311 directormajornew2018-11-07Cleanup of volumes not happning anymore in always incremental schedule
  0001026 6 storage daemonminornew2018-10-29restore from S3-storage tries to read from non-existent volume
  0001025 1 webuimajornew2018-10-26restore doesn't display certain files and folders
  000085423   directortweakassigned (stephand)2018-10-22Problem with always incremental virtual full
  00009892   webuitrivialassigned (aron_s)2018-10-22Sorting on Column "Retention/Expiration" fails
  00009061   directormajornew2018-10-21Always Incremental Consolidate job tries to mount Full backup from wrong storage
  0001022    directorminornew2018-10-18Error message upon create volume
  000100772 apiminorassigned (joergs)2018-10-17JSON API: 'list files' returns malformed json
  00007926   directormajornew2018-10-14Unable to use "AllowDuplicateJobs = no" with AlwaysIncremental / Consolidate jobs
  0001021    file daemonminorconfirmed2018-10-11Restore problems with filesets containing File = AND Plugin = directives
  00009743   webuiminorresolved (aron_s)2018-10-11Submitting job jumps to invalid site
  00009273   documentationminorresolved (aron_s)2018-10-11Provide install instructions for database engine on different host
  0000962    webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-10-10webui restore doesn't list all directories
  0000971 1 webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-10-10Restore WebUI - Error building tree for filenames with backslashes
  000098112 webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-10-10can not see file names when restoring
  00009981   webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-10-10Queryloop at restore
  0001014    webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-10-10web ui not show statistic about running job, but bconsole - show
  0001015    webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-10-10pool name "1Test" throws 404 Error
  0001020 1 webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-10-10Webui can not restore a client, if it contains spaces in its name
  00010161   storage daemoncrashnew2018-10-05Storage Daemon die in dialog with director (When write to the sock)
  0001010    installer / packagesfeatureconfirmed2018-10-04Bareos database scripts should use db_address parameter in catalog config
  0001018    installer / packagesminornew2018-10-04Dbconfig encodes remote database tables with en_US.UTF-8
  0001017    directorfeaturenew2018-10-03New counter variable for volume labels
  0000995    file daemonminornew2018-10-02File Daemon Prevents Power Saving
  000101342 directorcrashnew2018-09-30bareos-dir crash after start job from webui
  0001012    directorminornew2018-09-25If a Job terminates with error then status client should not report OK for that job
  00009291   installer / packagesminorfeedback (aron_s)2018-09-21Create databases script fails with --host option and postgresql
  00010091   installer / packagesfeatureconfirmed2018-09-21Hash char in password
  00009991   webuiminorfeedback (aron_s)2018-09-20Directory tree does not load if more than one drive letter is backed up.
  00010034   file daemonminornew2018-09-18Fatal error: bpipe-fd: Error closing stream for pseudo file /home/backup.sql: 268435457
  000094210   storage daemoncrashresolved2018-09-14undefined symbol when launching SD in bareos- RPM
  0001006    storage daemoncrashresolved (joergs)2018-09-14Storage daemon segfaults in update_job_statistics when starting scheduled jobs
  0000949111 storage daemonmajorresolved2018-09-06S3 Droplet backend documentation missing
  0001004 1 storage daemonmajornew2018-09-03Very high cpu usage on Debian stretch
  0001002    storage daemonminornew2018-08-29despooling/writing to disk is inefficient
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