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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000951    Generalmajornew2018-05-22Differential backup compute date from last incremental
  000095031 file daemonmajornew2018-05-22MariaDB backup with percona plugin
  00009493   storage daemonmajornew2018-05-22S3 Droplet backend documentation missing
  000093711   file daemonminornew2018-05-22estimate causes error if time on filedaemon and director are out of sync
  000069561 directormajorresolved2018-05-21Crash in director statistics thread
  000094726 webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-05-17Bareos-Webui
  000085811 webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-05-17if filesets more than 7 per client , then there are no jobs in Restore for this client
  00009481   file daemonminornew2018-05-16Filedaemon does not upgrade if there is a config in /etc/bareos/bareos-fd.d/client/
  000085419   directortweakassigned (stephand)2018-05-15Problem with always incremental virtual full
  0000946 1 directorcrashnew2018-05-14bareos-dir crashes with .bvfs_lsdirs jobid
  0000897211 webuimajorconfirmed (frank)2018-05-14Webui dashboard cannot access catalog data (input just spinning)
  0000945    storage daemonminornew2018-05-14Improve Pool "Label format" with 2 digits timestamps
  0000944    directorminornew2018-05-12Failed to start Bareos Director Daemon service
  00009423   storage daemoncrashnew2018-05-07undefined symbol when launching SD in bareos- RPM
  0000943    Generalblocknew2018-05-05Build fails because Sun RPC call's are removed under Fedora 28
  00009411   installer / packagesminoracknowledged2018-05-05Ubuntu 18.04 installation failes, because its not shipping depency libreadline6 anymore
  000091422 webuiminorconfirmed (frank)2018-04-27wrong language for a specific icon/popup
  00009391   directorminornew2018-04-27Bareos director stays malfunction if DB server was un-available for a time
  00007271   Generaltrivialnew2018-04-27wrong error message in disable schedule
  0000940    directormajornew2018-04-20TLS PSK settings for the client resource of the director are unknown.
  0000730 1 storage daemonmajornew2018-04-20User specified Device spool size reached
  0000731    documentationminornew2018-04-20SQL database restore requires using VDI
  00009191   Generalminoracknowledged2018-04-20The capabilities of ping command are lost after the restore with bareos
  0000929    installer / packagesminornew2018-04-20Create databases script fails with --host option and postgresql
  0000936 1 webuifeatureassigned (frank)2018-04-20The field "Restore location on client" Should be updated after selecting "Restore Job"
  0000892    storage daemonminorassigned (joergs)2018-04-19bareos-storage-droplet: if configured with unreachable S3 system, backup will terminate with OK
  0000938    Generalminornew2018-04-18Bareos doesn't truncate purged volumes
  000089331 webuimajorresolved (frank)2018-04-11webui cannot list dirs with only files in them
  000080321 webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-04-06Does not list files in bareos-webui when restoring
  0000820    directorminorconfirmed2018-04-05bconsole: (l)list command arguments limit and offset not working in every context
  0000857    vmware plugintweakassigned (joergs)2018-04-05After Upgrade to Centos 7.4 connection to Vsphere fails
  00008701   vmware pluginminorfeedback2018-04-05Bareos-vmware-plugin error
  00009351   file daemonmajorconfirmed2018-04-05Unable to stop filedaemon
  00003856   file daemonminorconfirmed2018-04-05bareos daemon stop restart hang if bareos-tray-monitor is connected
  000087213 storage daemonblockconfirmed2018-04-0517.2.3 build fails on Fedora 27 at compiling the cephfs plugin
  00009113   Generalmajornew2018-04-05Can't write cyrillic in bconsole on Windows
  0000922    directorminorassigned (joergs)2018-04-05true/false will not work always in the same manner as yes/no
  00009334   directormajornew2018-04-05Fatal error: fd_plugins.c:1237 Unbalanced call to createFile=0 0
  00009301   directorfeaturefeedback2018-04-05Bareos logging, want just the Status
  00009311   directorfeaturefeedback2018-04-05please add raw values capabilities for machine reading
  00009282   file daemonminorfeedback2018-04-05using non-default port conflicts with systemd unit (and init script) PIDFile
  00009321   storage daemoncrashacknowledged2018-04-05SD crash after tape device disappears
  0000887191 webuiminorassigned (joergs)2018-04-05Restore file list taking 20 minutes to populate
  0000934    apiminornew2018-03-27sqlquery hangs in api mode 1
  00004776   file daemonminoracknowledged2018-03-15Bareos-fd fails with IPv6
  00009094   directormajornew2018-03-13"Reschedule on error" recognized, but not actually rescheduling the job
  00008918   webuimajorresolved (frank)2018-03-12Webui will not open some windows clients directories
  00008431   directorcrashnew2018-03-09bareos-dir crashed with Segfault when parsing config files with job type = consolidate w/o pool and storage definition
  0000927    documentationminornew2018-03-05Provide install instructions for database engine on different host
  00009074   file daemonmajorfeedback2018-03-05Incremental Job backups same files
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