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 00010195   directormajornew2018-12-17Director hangs waiting for client if not available PSK
 00009511   Generalmajornew2018-12-14Differential backup compute date from last incremental
 00010011   directorminornew2018-12-14Problem with the differential backup
 00008451   storage daemoncrashconfirmed2018-12-13NetApp OnCommand System Manager calls on SD Port 10000 lead to Segmentation Violation
 0001031    file daemoncrashnew2018-12-09If attempting to backup to a bareos 16 director (running debian stretch), fd segfaultsq
 00010081   vmware plugincrashnew2018-12-06VMWare Plugin crashes on incremental backup for some VMs
 00010301   storage daemonminornew2018-12-06bscan does not work for migration and copy jobs
 00008055   webuimajorresolved (stephand)2018-12-06can't restore vmware-plugin assisted backups via webui
  000102412 storage daemonminornew2018-11-28crash SD if 2 jobs are running using one tape
 00007141   Generalminornew2018-11-27tray-monitor does not start with default install in Windows
 0001029    directormajorassigned (franku)2018-11-26Deadlock on DIRD
 00009076   file daemonmajorfeedback2018-11-20Incremental Job backups same files
 0001028    Generalminornew2018-11-14`llist job=<job name>` list all job runs instead of specified only
 0001027    directormajornew2018-11-0932bit integer overflow in sql LIMIT clause
 00009413   installer / packagesminoracknowledged2018-11-07Ubuntu 18.04 installation failes, because its not shipping depency libreadline6 anymore
 000102311 directormajornew2018-11-07Cleanup of volumes not happning anymore in always incremental schedule
 0001026 6 storage daemonminornew2018-10-29restore from S3-storage tries to read from non-existent volume
 0001025 1 webuimajornew2018-10-26restore doesn't display certain files and folders
 000085423   directortweakassigned (stephand)2018-10-22Problem with always incremental virtual full
 00009892   webuitrivialassigned (aron_s)2018-10-22Sorting on Column "Retention/Expiration" fails
 00009061   directormajornew2018-10-21Always Incremental Consolidate job tries to mount Full backup from wrong storage
 0001022    directorminornew2018-10-18Error message upon create volume
 000100772 apiminorassigned (joergs)2018-10-17JSON API: 'list files' returns malformed json
 00007926   directormajornew2018-10-14Unable to use "AllowDuplicateJobs = no" with AlwaysIncremental / Consolidate jobs
 0001021    file daemonminorconfirmed2018-10-11Restore problems with filesets containing File = AND Plugin = directives
 00009743   webuiminorresolved (aron_s)2018-10-11Submitting job jumps to invalid site
 00009273   documentationminorresolved (aron_s)2018-10-11Provide install instructions for database engine on different host
 0000962    webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-10-10webui restore doesn't list all directories
 0000971 1 webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-10-10Restore WebUI - Error building tree for filenames with backslashes
 000098112 webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-10-10can not see file names when restoring
 00009981   webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-10-10Queryloop at restore
 0001014    webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-10-10web ui not show statistic about running job, but bconsole - show
 0001015    webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-10-10pool name "1Test" throws 404 Error
 0001020 1 webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-10-10Webui can not restore a client, if it contains spaces in its name
 00010161   storage daemoncrashnew2018-10-05Storage Daemon die in dialog with director (When write to the sock)
 0001010    installer / packagesfeatureconfirmed2018-10-04Bareos database scripts should use db_address parameter in catalog config
 0001018    installer / packagesminornew2018-10-04Dbconfig encodes remote database tables with en_US.UTF-8
 0001017    directorfeaturenew2018-10-03New counter variable for volume labels
 0000995    file daemonminornew2018-10-02File Daemon Prevents Power Saving
 000101342 directorcrashnew2018-09-30bareos-dir crash after start job from webui
 0001012    directorminornew2018-09-25If a Job terminates with error then status client should not report OK for that job
 00009291   installer / packagesminorfeedback (aron_s)2018-09-21Create databases script fails with --host option and postgresql
 00010091   installer / packagesfeatureconfirmed2018-09-21Hash char in password
 00009991   webuiminorfeedback (aron_s)2018-09-20Directory tree does not load if more than one drive letter is backed up.
 00010034   file daemonminornew2018-09-18Fatal error: bpipe-fd: Error closing stream for pseudo file /home/backup.sql: 268435457
 000094210   storage daemoncrashresolved2018-09-14undefined symbol when launching SD in bareos- RPM
 0001006    storage daemoncrashresolved (joergs)2018-09-14Storage daemon segfaults in update_job_statistics when starting scheduled jobs
 0000949111 storage daemonmajorresolved2018-09-06S3 Droplet backend documentation missing
 0001004 1 storage daemonmajornew2018-09-03Very high cpu usage on Debian stretch
 0001002    storage daemonminornew2018-08-29despooling/writing to disk is inefficient
 00010001   file daemonminornew2018-08-26Could not stat "i:/OneDrive - my company name": ERR: access denied
 00009931   storage daemonminornew2018-08-09bareos-sd complains about corrupted volume, but bls/bextract works fine
 00007287   webuimajoracknowledged (frank)2018-08-09restore to the different client doesn't work
 0000997    directormajornew2018-08-08NDMP_BAREOS dont send LEVEL var when BUTYPE==tar
 00009082   webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-08-08webui fails to display media
 00009731   webuimajorresolved (aron_s)2018-08-08WEBUI Restore Too Many Files error caused by bad JSON [issue present at least from 17.2.4]
 00009964   directorcrashnew2018-08-06Reloading director configuration crashes with a double free
 0000992    file daemoncrashnew2018-07-28Plugin cephfs-fd crash against a Luminous Ceph cluster
 0000991    directormajornew2018-07-28shadowing=globalremove do not consider excluded files
 00009441   directorminornew2018-07-27Failed to start Bareos Director Daemon service
 0000990    storage daemonmajorassigned (franku)2018-07-23SD sometimes tries to load empty tape slot (TT4200262)
 00009885   Generalmajornew2018-07-20Truncate command do nothing
 0000956    webuifeatureassigned (frank)2018-07-18Add Remember Me feature to webui login
 00009871   directormajorassigned (franku)2018-07-18Canceling a job leads to a director crash (TT4200333)
 00009861   directorminornew2018-07-17status job=xxxx not giving correct job status
 0000873    installer / packagesminornew2018-07-16BAREOS CLIENT 64BITS 16.3.1 (01 July 2016)
 0000985    apitrivialnew2018-07-15Bareos Configuration in JSON format
 0000984    Generalminorassigned (joergs)2018-07-13Release bareos-17.2.8
 00009651   directorminorfeedback2018-07-13"status job" command incomplete crashs director remotelly
 00009822   configuration guitweaknew2018-07-12even with scrach tape and recycle in theft
 0000975    apimajorassigned (stephand)2018-07-12.bvfs_lsdirs limit offset command parameters do not work properly
 0000980    directormajorassigned (joergs)2018-07-09release command not allowed in runscript makes admin job "ReleaseAllTapeDrives.conf" unusable
 000095051 file daemonmajornew2018-07-05MariaDB backup with percona plugin
 0000979    documentationtextnew2018-07-05Clarify Documentation of Max Wait Time Parameter
 0000978    directorfeaturenew2018-07-04Define encryption to pool ; auto encrypt tapes when purged
 000095931 storage daemonminornew2018-07-03bareos-sd return empty error message
 000097734 storage daemonmajornew2018-07-03Authorization key rejected by Storage Daemon upon upgrade from 16.2.6 to 17.2.6
 0000976    Generalminorassigned (joergs) - IndexError: string index out of range in case of gui mode on
 00008352   directormajoracknowledged2018-06-28Restore job picks wrong storage
 0000863    Generalminorassigned (stephand)2018-06-28Release bareos-16.2.8
 00009701   storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2018-06-28The S3 storage Plug-in (droplet) can't build under Fedora 28.
 0000972    directormajornew2018-06-28VirtualFull search for volume on wrong storage
 000089331 webuimajorresolved (frank)2018-06-22webui cannot list dirs with only files in them
 0000916    Generalminorresolved (joergs)2018-06-22Release bareos-17.2.6
 00009613   directorcrashnew2018-06-14director crash after 4-10 hours of work
 0000963    file daemonmajornew2018-06-12Windows Backup using VSS
 0000946 1 directorcrashnew2018-06-08bareos-dir crashes with .bvfs_lsdirs jobid
 0000897261 webuimajorconfirmed (frank)2018-06-07Webui dashboard cannot access catalog data (input just spinning)
 000093717   file daemonminornew2018-06-06estimate causes error if time on filedaemon and director are out of sync
 00009551   storage daemoncrashfeedback2018-06-06sd aborts after double free
 0000958 1 Generalmajornew2018-06-01Always incremental backups always upgraded to full
 0000957    storage daemonmajornew2018-06-01setting of Maximum Block Size makes sd-daemon not working
 00009531   file daemonmajorfeedback2018-05-29File daemon cannot establish client initiated connection
 0000954    storage daemonmajornew2018-05-29Share is not mounted automaticly
 00007272   Generaltrivialresolved2018-05-29wrong error message in disable schedule
 0000952    file daemonminornew2018-05-27The file daemon crash with an empty config file
 000063661 storage daemonminornew2018-05-23Error on Copy Job / Maybe simmilar to 0000361
 00009481   file daemonminornew2018-05-16Filedaemon does not upgrade if there is a config in /etc/bareos/bareos-fd.d/client/
 0000945    storage daemonminornew2018-05-14Improve Pool "Label format" with 2 digits timestamps
 000091422 webuiminorconfirmed (frank)2018-04-27wrong language for a specific icon/popup
 00009391   directorminornew2018-04-27Bareos director stays malfunction if DB server was un-available for a time
 0000940    directormajornew2018-04-20TLS PSK settings for the client resource of the director are unknown.
 0000730 1 storage daemonmajornew2018-04-20User specified Device spool size reached
 0000731    documentationminornew2018-04-20SQL database restore requires using VDI
 0000936 1 webuifeatureassigned (frank)2018-04-20The field "Restore location on client" Should be updated after selecting "Restore Job"
 0000938    Generalminornew2018-04-18Bareos doesn't truncate purged volumes
 000080321 webuiminorassigned (frank)2018-04-06Does not list files in bareos-webui when restoring
 0000820    directorminorconfirmed2018-04-05bconsole: (l)list command arguments limit and offset not working in every context
 0000857    vmware plugintweakassigned (joergs)2018-04-05After Upgrade to Centos 7.4 connection to Vsphere fails
 00009351   file daemonmajorconfirmed2018-04-05Unable to stop filedaemon
 00003856   file daemonminorconfirmed2018-04-05bareos daemon stop restart hang if bareos-tray-monitor is connected
 00009113   Generalmajornew2018-04-05Can't write cyrillic in bconsole on Windows
 0000922    directorminorassigned (joergs)2018-04-05true/false will not work always in the same manner as yes/no
 00009334   directormajornew2018-04-05Fatal error: fd_plugins.c:1237 Unbalanced call to createFile=0 0
 00009301   directorfeaturefeedback2018-04-05Bareos logging, want just the Status
 00009311   directorfeaturefeedback2018-04-05please add raw values capabilities for machine reading
 00009282   file daemonminorfeedback2018-04-05using non-default port conflicts with systemd unit (and init script) PIDFile
 00009321   storage daemoncrashacknowledged2018-04-05SD crash after tape device disappears
 0000887191 webuiminorassigned (joergs)2018-04-05Restore file list taking 20 minutes to populate
 0000934    apiminornew2018-03-27sqlquery hangs in api mode 1
 00004776   file daemonminoracknowledged2018-03-15Bareos-fd fails with IPv6
 00009094   directormajornew2018-03-13"Reschedule on error" recognized, but not actually rescheduling the job
 00008918   webuimajorresolved (frank)2018-03-12Webui will not open some windows clients directories
 00008431   directorcrashnew2018-03-09bareos-dir crashed with Segfault when parsing config files with job type = consolidate w/o pool and storage definition
 0000926    documentationminornew2018-03-04Maximum Connections option for the director settings is not described
 0000925    documentationminornew2018-03-04Log Timestamp Format option for the director settings is not described
 0000924    documentationminornew2018-03-03Absolute Job Timeout option for the director settings is not described
 0000923    directormajornew2018-03-02sql_query retry hides real error
 00008061   file daemonmajornew2018-03-02LDAP plugin fails backup of 2012R2 Active Directory with Fatal error: no type in startBackupFile packet
 0000921    vmware pluginmajorassigned (stephand)2018-02-28VM backup restore: "localvmdk=yes" does not have an effect when specified in fileset
 0000920    Generalfeaturenew2018-02-26Add option to ignore/skip files with mismatched sizes
 0000917    file daemonfeaturenew2018-02-20please add the possibility to use multithreading for compressed data
 00009153   directorcrashresolved (joergs)2018-02-20Unable to load any shared library for
 0000912    documentationtweakassigned (frank)2018-02-15wrong configuration path for apache
  0000913    documentationtrivialassigned (frank)2018-02-15uncomplete documentation to install the webgui
 00009051   webuimajorresolved (frank)2018-02-13Restore WebUI - Enable to browse directory when a file name contain a single quote
 00008982   Generalminorresolved (joergs)2018-02-07Parallel build fails on s390x with make -j4
 00007795   directorminornew2018-01-31Always Incremental Consolidate job does not prune the storage volumes
 00009012   directorcrashnew2018-01-28Selecing "CopyDiskToTape" job in webui crashes director
 0000900    file daemonfeatureassigned (joergs)2018-01-27platforms/osx/Makefile conflicts when building for homebrew
 0000896    webuimajorassigned (frank)2018-01-26Argument 0000001 is not an array in JobModel.php
 0000894    storage daemonmajornew2018-01-26Restore error with Auto Deflate = in
 00008891   installer / packagesminorresolved2018-01-22latest symlink still point to v16
 00008864   directorminorfeedback2018-01-03"Run Before Job" in JobDefs is run even though a backup job specifies a different "Run Before Job"
 0000855113 directorminorassigned (joergs)2017-12-28Update Volume or Purge Volume Hangs on Using Catalog
 00008821   directormajornew2017-12-11Verify Job is run with level Full instead of VolumeToCatalog
 00008812   directorminornew2017-12-07B_DB::escape_object truncates output string
 00008782   directorminornew2017-11-30Consolidate takes Non-Always Incremental (full) Jobs into consideration when same Fileset is used
 0000879    directorminornew2017-11-29"wrong" end time of VirtualFull job prevents verifying this job
 00008302   directormajornew2017-11-18Client consolidation job lasts over 10 hours to complete
 00008651   directorminornew2017-11-16mailcommand not working with big job and too many files (timeout?) sendmail script works with short jobs
 00008741   directorminornew2017-11-15VirtualFull fails when read and write devices are on different storage daemons (different machines)
 000087121 webuiblockassigned (frank)2017-11-09UI will not load complete
 00008661   Generalfeatureresolved (pstorz)2017-10-26implement `Where` directive in Job/JobDef for making relative path backups
 0000869    Generalminornew2017-10-26Non-fatal FD errors on backup job
 00008671   webuiblockfeedback (frank)2017-10-23web-ui does not let me login with correct credentials
 00002059   directorfeatureacknowledged2017-10-18Allow multiple copy jobs to run at the same time
 00008621   webuimajorassigned (frank)2017-10-16Webui does not give any output when requested to restore on large filesets
 000082311 Generalmajornew2017-10-12Wrong Volume Label
 00008371   directorminorresolved (stephand)2017-10-09performance issues with .bvfs_lsdirs while having a large number of directories
 00006674   installer / packagesminorassigned (stephand)2017-10-02Ubuntu repository uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)
 000041911 directorfeatureacknowledged2017-10-02admin job does not run script on client
 0000798    Generalminorassigned (maik)2017-09-29Release bareos-15.2.5
 000080721 directorminorassigned (joergs)2017-09-23Bareos Director Error after Update
 0000722    Generalminoracknowledged2017-09-21bconsole crashes during some calls using the json backend
 00008041   installer / packagesminorfeedback2017-09-21Full install problem on windows
 00007973   directorminorassigned (joergs) not capable of new config structure
 00008471   Generalfeatureacknowledged2017-09-20Bareos should create its PID files before dropping privileges
 00008521   webuimajorassigned (frank)2017-09-13Bareos-WebUI Cannot Display Volume Page With 1680 voulmes After Bug Fix 719
 0000851    webuimajorassigned (frank)2017-09-12Webui does not give any output when requested to restore, or to file list the files within a backup already done.
 00008468   file daemonmajoracknowledged2017-09-07Btrfs mounts are ignored in fileset
 00008123   webuifeatureresolved (frank)2017-09-01Add job status in the "Last Backups" section of the Client view
 000084912 webuiminorassigned (frank)2017-09-01JSON Errors when managing autoloader on remote storage via webui
 00006741   file daemonmajornew2017-08-23Possible memory leak
 0000844    vmware pluginmajornew2017-08-15Backup VMWare to NFS not working
 00008291   storage daemontrivialnew2017-07-26Consolidate Job fails beacuse of volume corrupted
 0000832 1 webuiminorassigned (frank)2017-07-20Problem listing volumes using autochanger
 0000268162 storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2017-07-18RFE for disabling inline compression routine in sd to take advantage of deduplication filesystems
 000079953 directorcrashnew2017-07-17bareos-director crashes on backup job
 00007481   documentationmajorresolved (joergs)2017-07-17TLS section examples should be updated to reflect split conf files and possible multiple servers
 00007293   directormajornew2017-07-16Run an incremental job via console work, but via schedule it fails.
 0000833    storage daemonblocknew2017-07-14Label command failed
 0000831    webuiminorassigned (frank)2017-07-11Update Check: Windows client versions are not determined properly
 00008283   directorblocknew2017-07-07Bareos restores empty files of MS SQL backup
 00006313   directorminorfeedback2017-06-14No DB-reconnect after connection lost (again)
 0000691205 storage daemonmajorresolved2017-06-08Backup job fails with "No Volume name given."
 00000651   regression testingfeatureacknowledged2017-06-08regression test for "select files by size"
 00007104   directorminorresolved2017-06-08Failed to set TCP_KEEPIDLE = 5184000 on socket: Invalid argument
 000076351 directormajorresolved (joergs)2017-06-08some Backups fail after 605 seconds in a schedule of 170 server
 000082411 directorminoracknowledged2017-06-08Consolidation job requires explicit Storage definiton in Pool resource
 000074611 directorminorresolved2017-06-08Status storage slots picks wrong storage daemon
 00007473   documentationfeatureacknowledged2017-06-08Consider moving away from one long page
 0000777    directorfeatureacknowledged2017-06-08New Variable for Messages
 0000825    storage daemonmajornew2017-06-06Migrate jobs (SD to SD) in TLS
 00008171   storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2017-05-09Is it possible to proxy DIR->FD connections through the SD?
 0000816    webuimajorassigned (frank)2017-05-03Incorrect display value of the item Retention/Expiration depending on the selected localization
 0000814    storage daemonmajornew2017-04-28Can't get the status storage when the task is executed.
 000059262 storage daemonblockacknowledged2017-04-18Label command always failing for LTO-2 tape
 0000811    file daemonfeaturenew2017-04-11Unable to relocate SQL Server database files on restore
 00007862   storage daemoncrashnew2017-04-10Storage daemon crashes at random
 00007951   directorminornew2017-03-20Invalid name for volume
 00007781   directormajornew2017-03-14Always Incremental Consolidation is consolidating and deleting backup copies from a DR pool
 00007961   directorminornew2017-03-10NDMP Restore Error Messages
 00007901   directorminornew2017-03-06Always Incremental Max Full Age problem?
 00007561   file daemonminorresolved (stephand)2017-03-03Restoring Windows Backup to Linux FD with Python Plugin enabled fails with Fatal error: python-fd: Illegal plugin definition
 0000773 2 webuiminorconfirmed (frank)2017-03-02Webui Restore don't show complete folder content of large folders
 0000766    webuimajorconfirmed (frank)2017-03-02Hardcoded default limit on .bvfs_lsdirs and .bvfs_lsfiles prevents webui from loading all directory content
 00007753   directorminornew2017-03-02VirtualFull job Queued - nothing to do
 00007912   file daemonmajornew2017-03-02mssql plugin can't restore to other soft
 0000711    webuitweakassigned (frank)2017-03-02Consolidate job shows first backupped client after run/ACL?
 0000788    directormajornew2017-02-23Failed job remain in running on director
 00006083   directormajorfeedback2017-02-16Recycling volume not working when using directive Max Volume jobs=1
 000069497 storage daemonmajorassigned (pstorz)2017-02-15Backup sparse file on storage with autoxflate lead to unrecoverable data
 000040241 directorminorfeedback2017-02-14MaximumConcurrentJobs and AllowMixedPriority
 0000782    directorminoracknowledged2017-02-09Disk full not adequately detected
 000072622 webuiminorassigned (frank)2017-01-17Webui Restore don't schow folders with ΓΌ in the name
 0000767    file daemonminornew2017-01-16VSS Snapshot timeouts - VSS_WS_FAILED_AT_FREEZE
 00007645   directormajornew2017-01-12VirtualFull job does not do anything
 0000765    directorminornew2017-01-12Rerunning a failed consolidate virtualfull job consolidates all jobs of the client instead of only expired ones
 0000762    file daemonminornew2017-01-11Error: filed/restore.c:1231 Write error on
 0000754    file daemonmajornew2017-01-03full backup always fail
 00007371   directorfeatureacknowledged2016-12-12bareos director fails to work with bacula-client >= 7.x
 00007321   webuiminorconfirmed (frank)2016-12-07URL should not contain rerun action
 00006782   directorminorresolved (stephand)2016-12-03BVFS Fatal Error (duplicate key value violates unique constraint)
 0000733    directorminornew2016-12-02Plugin Options (mssqlvdi) in Job definitions
 00006752   webuiminorconfirmed (frank)2016-12-02Restore : when changing Restore job doesn't read definition
 00006702   vmware plugincrashnew2016-11-28backup of large vmdks corrupt
 0000724    directormajornew2016-11-14FileSet: Dynamic exclude file list ignored when displaying estimate listing job=<jobname>
 0000723    directormajornew2016-11-10Defining FileSet Resource Option RegexDir on first level subdirectory fails
 00005793   webuiblockconfirmed (frank)2016-11-06Unable to connect to the director via ipv6
 00006851   webuifeatureacknowledged (frank)2016-11-03Add option to show directory size at "Restore File selection"
 00006902   Generalcrashnew2016-10-27bcopy segfault
 0000713    file daemonfeaturenew2016-10-17Client Initiated Connection support in windows installer
 00007091   storage daemoncrashnew2016-10-14Storage Daemon crashes
 00007073   directortweakconfirmed2016-10-1413-Oct 21:02 bareos-dir JobId 0: Error: "fileset" directive in Job "Consolidate" resource is required, but not found.
 00007012   installer / packagesminorresolved (joergs)2016-10-07default installation defines two identical jobs
 00006991   file daemonmajornew2016-09-28bareos-fd fails to start when server is in FIPS mode
 0000688 1 file daemonminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-08-20"select files by size" feature - ssize_t type overflow on Linux x86
 00006891   directorminorresolved2016-08-19Interactive job modification not working as expected, resource edits get lost depending on mod order
 0000687    file daemonmajornew2016-08-12directive "drive type = fixed" dont work in same cases
  00006861   directorfeatureacknowledged2016-08-12Ability to authenticate in consoles trougth LDAP, SASL or PAM
 00006831   storage daemonminorfeedback2016-08-09Bareos-sd stops on one job
 0000681    storage daemoncrashnew2016-08-05SD crashes during NDMP smtape backup
 0000679    storage daemonmajornew2016-08-04Key unwrapping fails in 14.2.7 for Keys generated in 14.2.2
 00006022   directorminorconfirmed2016-08-02NDMP/NetApp : more than 10 thousand of warning log messages
 00002752   storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2016-07-24Support mixed LTO drives and tapes setup
 00006734   directorminorassigned (pstorz)2016-07-15restore command does not select multiply filesets in non-interactive mode
 0000672    Generalminorassigned (joergs)2016-07-08Release bareos-14.2.8
 00006326   file daemonmajorresolved2016-07-08fd-bpipe plugin merges stderr with stdout, which can result in corrupted backups.
 00006152   file daemoncrashresolved2016-07-08symlinks/junctions wrong target path on restore
 00006042   storage daemonmajorresolved2016-07-08Cancel a NDMP Job causes the sd to crash and restart
 00005912   directorminorresolved (pstorz)2016-07-08config pretty-printer does not print filesets correctly
 00005814   installer / packagesminorresolved (pstorz)2016-07-08Installer is setting up a wrong path to bmail.exe without quotes / bmail not called
 00005882   file daemonmajorresolved2016-07-08Incremental MSSQL backup fails when database name contains spaces
 0000383123 directorminorresolved2016-07-08dir command in bconsole crash bareos-dir
 0000583    Generalminorassigned (joergs)2016-07-05Release bareos-13.2.6
 00002535   file daemonfeatureresolved2016-07-05Enable concurrent jobs on Windows platforms
 00006112   file daemonblockresolved (maik)2016-07-05On MacosX 10.10.3 , bareos-fd 15.2.2 doesn't start
 00006011   directormajorresolved (pstorz)2016-07-05Director crashes if estimate is used for a ndmp client
 0000384123 Generalminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-07-05mssqldvi prolem with connection to mssql not default instance
 00006711   directorcrashnew2016-06-27bareos-director (15.2.3-2_armhf.deb) is crashing at startup
 0000666    directormajornew2016-06-12bvfs_lsdirs for windows jobs not show dir
 00006221   directorminorfeedback (pstorz)2016-05-18Long period of no "activity" during large (10 TB) backup
 00006573   storage daemoncrashnew2016-05-10SD crashes almost every time when scheduled jobs are starting
 0000643    storage daemonfeaturenew2016-04-18efficienter use of Tape drives
 00004554   file daemonfeatureresolved (joergs)2016-04-15Connect from File Daemon to Director Daemon
 00006382   Generalminorassigned (joergs)2016-04-14gnutls_transport_set_int detection broken
 00006341   storage daemonminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-04-01Storage daemon should use logical drive numbers and not drive indexes
 00004912   directorminorresolved (joergs)2016-03-30bareos-dir dies on reload if config has typos
 00005031   directorminorresolved (joergs)2016-03-30Config reload leads to director crash if a duplicate console resource named "xyz" is present
 0000426    directorminorresolved2016-03-29No DB-reconnect after connection los
 00006303   file daemonfeatureresolved (joergs)2016-03-14Need cmdline status info
 00005531   apifeatureresolved (joergs)2016-03-10Expose additional JobStatus information to external programs
 0000627    file daemonfeatureacknowledged2016-02-29Backup of Hadoop File System
 0000313    directorfeatureacknowledged2016-02-29"rerun replay" command to replay jobs that would have been triggered in the past
 0000504    directorfeatureacknowledged2016-02-29possiblilitiy to suppress schedules / clients / jobs for certain time periods
 0000519    Generalfeatureacknowledged2016-02-29bconsole does not reconnect when director connection has failed
 00006131   directorminorconfirmed2016-02-25PID file is not cleared when hard reset occurs
 0000616    directorfeatureacknowledged2016-02-25VirtualFull after a full job with a base job
 00005933   Generalminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-02-25Problem with a job on a passive client and limited Maximum Concurrent Jobs
 000061811 storage daemonminorresolved2016-02-12rados stripe unit and stripe count settings are not being read correctly
 000061751 storage daemonminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-02-12Add support for rados_striper functions in rados_device.c where it currently dosn't exist.
 000059611 vmware pluginfeaturefeedback2016-01-28Backup VMware VMDK Files as RAW Spase Files in to ZFS Volumes - including Code change examples
 00005602   webuiminorfeedback (frank)2016-01-21Restore displays invalid date on Windows directories
 00004333   file daemonfeatureacknowledged2016-01-15Make all director-> fd communication protected via TLS
 000057831 directorcrashfeedback2016-01-11Director becomes unresponsible when doing big backups
 000057711 storage daemonmajorfeedback2016-01-11MaxSpoolSize not used completely
 00005851   directorfeatureacknowledged2016-01-11pool auto prune keep last jobs
 0000587    directorminorconfirmed2016-01-11joblog has "Backup Error", but jobstatus is set to successfull ('T') if writing the bootstrap file fails
 0000372    directorminorconfirmed2015-12-22failing Run After Job scripts do not influence job result
 000052771 directormajorfeedback2015-12-11Director crashes (not reproduceable) , the first time you go to Jobs section in bat
 00005002   directorminoracknowledged2015-12-03Bareos labels multiple new volumes at once
 00004606   file daemonminorassigned (pstorz)2015-12-03SHA1 checksum sometimes wrong
  000052941 Generalminorresolved2015-11-30Makefile clean action for stored not removing .libs directory
 00005152   file daemonmajorresolved2015-11-30MSSQL Incremental Backups not restorable to files
 00005377   installer / packagesminorresolved (joergs)2015-11-3015.2-rc1 RPM uses too-new "su" in logrotate file
 00005527   storage daemoncrashresolved2015-11-30SD crashes in -current
 000052251 storage daemoncrashresolved (stephand)2015-11-30storage daemon crashes ocassionally when starting a new job
 000048321 storage daemoncrashresolved (pstorz)2015-11-30bareos-sd crash during backup
 00005564   file daemonminorresolved (pstorz)2015-11-30File Relocation does not work
 000046941 directorcrashresolved2015-11-30Dir crashes if media.ScratchPoolId = NULL
 000054710   directorcrashresolved2015-11-2615.2.1-15.1 director crashes when running >1 label job
  0000565    file daemonfeatureacknowledged2015-11-20use btrfs features to efficiently detect changed files
 00005553   storage daemonminorresolved2015-11-19Copy jobs don't respect "Spool Data = no"
 000052862 directorminorresolved (pstorz)2015-11-19Migration job hangs waiting for waiting for max Storage jobs
 0000424124 directormajorresolved2015-11-19Scheduling select wrong run line in schedule.
 0000414151 storage daemoncrashresolved2015-11-17Bareos storage daemon crashes during backups
 00005201   Generalfeatureresolved (pstorz)2015-11-13Show "secure erase" settings in job report
 00003301   directorminorresolved2015-11-07NDMP protocol error
 000054412 directorcrashresolved2015-11-06Director crash (SIGSEGV 11) when migrating an empty job in version 15.2.1
 00005511   installer / packagesmajorresolved (joergs)2015-11-06Unable to install bareos-filedaemon-ldap-python-plugin
 0000352    file daemonfeatureacknowledged2015-11-06See if we can use python Buffer Object Structures
 00003593   file daemonfeatureacknowledged2015-11-06Make accurate multi-thread?
 0000401    storage daemonfeatureacknowledged2015-11-06start script should check if all required libaries are available
 00003171   directorfeatureacknowledged2015-11-06run bareos-dir -t if startscript is called for "restart" and only shutdown and restart if successful
 00005123   Generalminoracknowledged2015-11-06Abnormal backup
  00005353   directortextconfirmed2015-11-0615.2-r1 director complaisn about Safe_unlink and Orphaned buffers on startup
 000051412   directorminorfeedback2015-11-06Big inc and diff backups with windows dedup
 00005211   directormajoracknowledged2015-11-06Directory mounts tape but is unhappy with it afterwards (migration job)
 0000542    directorminorresolved2015-10-23Director crashes if a restore command is issued with an unexisting restoreclient
 00005231   Generalmajorresolved2015-10-07rpmbuild failed
 00005251   installer / packagesminorresolved (stephand)2015-09-28Changes to systemd unit files on RPM based dists breaks updates
 00004586   directormajorassigned (pstorz)2015-09-22During the execution of Job, volume in the status Used mistakenly Recycled.
 00004444   installer / packagesmajorresolved (maik)2015-09-01OpenPGP certificate for the release repository is too weak.
 00005021   file daemonfeatureresolved2015-08-14disable compatible mode
 00004922   vmware pluginfeatureresolved (stephand)2015-07-17WMware plugin tries to backup independent disk resulting backup job failure
 00002041310 batminorconfirmed2015-06-18Windows bat hangs if there is pending console output but works after it's stopped and restarted
 0000282122 directorminorresolved2015-03-31Running purge command with action parameter does not purge or truncates volumes
 00000672   regression testingfeatureacknowledged2015-03-31create regression test for scsi crypto LTO encryption
 0000443    installer / packagesmajoracknowledged2015-03-31Download site not available through HTTPS
  00001677   batfeatureacknowledged2015-02-03Feature Request: Bareos Tray Monitor
 00000971   Generalfeatureconfirmed2015-02-02default user and groups for fd, sd and director are not defined
 00003014   directortweakconfirmed2015-01-26Inconsistency when configuring bandwith limitation
 0000158    batfeatureacknowledged2015-01-26tray-monitor make a balloon tip when job starts or stops
 00001712   Generalfeatureacknowledged2015-01-26Implement an alternative data transfer protocol based on the UDT protocol
 0000310    documentationfeatureacknowledged2014-12-01wildbase fileset option is not documented
 0000337    Generalminorconfirmed2014-12-01Bandwidth limitation does not work with low values
 0000280    directorfeatureacknowledged2014-09-05count subscribed mssql and ndmp clients
 00001152   Generalfeatureacknowledged2014-09-05Redesign copy Jobs
 00003201   directorminoracknowledged2014-07-18Lots of volumes reserved after Drive gets available
 00003073   directorfeatureacknowledged2014-06-17copy job from one catalog to another only works in special configurations
 00003051   directorminoracknowledged2014-06-03catalog configuration in pool resource not honored correctly
 00002962   Generalfeatureacknowledged2014-05-27Restart a backup after a error/pause but don't backup all files again.
 00002831   directorminoracknowledged2014-05-16virtual backup job with autoprune tries to mount from wrong device
 00000153   file daemonfeatureacknowledged2013-12-19Restore on different drive on windows easily
 00002371   storage daemonminoracknowledged2013-11-08bscan is slow when creating catalog from volume
 00000261   regression testingfeatureacknowledged2013-10-08implement regression test for fileset shadowing feature
 00000401   regression testingfeatureacknowledged2013-10-08implement regression test simulating one or two years
  00001232   directorfeatureacknowledged2013-10-08Upgrade to full when fileset changes could be handled more intelligently.
 00001974   file daemonfeatureacknowledged2013-07-12Implement a file change monitor to create a filelist for incremental backups during runtime
 00001381   directorfeatureacknowledged2013-04-15command for exploring the filesystems on clients