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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00006042   storage daemonmajorresolved2016-07-08Cancel a NDMP Job causes the sd to crash and restart
  00005912   directorminorresolved (pstorz)2016-07-08config pretty-printer does not print filesets correctly
  00005814   installer / packagesminorresolved (pstorz)2016-07-08Installer is setting up a wrong path to bmail.exe without quotes / bmail not called
  00005882   file daemonmajorresolved2016-07-08Incremental MSSQL backup fails when database name contains spaces
  0000383123 directorminorresolved2016-07-08dir command in bconsole crash bareos-dir
  0000583    Generalminorassigned (joergs)2016-07-05Release bareos-13.2.6
  00002535   file daemonfeatureresolved2016-07-05Enable concurrent jobs on Windows platforms
  00006112   file daemonblockresolved (maik)2016-07-05On MacosX 10.10.3 , bareos-fd 15.2.2 doesn't start
  00006011   directormajorresolved (pstorz)2016-07-05Director crashes if estimate is used for a ndmp client
  0000384123 Generalminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-07-05mssqldvi prolem with connection to mssql not default instance
  00006711   directorcrashnew2016-06-27bareos-director (15.2.3-2_armhf.deb) is crashing at startup
  0000666    directormajornew2016-06-12bvfs_lsdirs for windows jobs not show dir
  00006221   directorminorfeedback (pstorz)2016-05-18Long period of no "activity" during large (10 TB) backup
  00006573   storage daemoncrashnew2016-05-10SD crashes almost every time when scheduled jobs are starting
  0000643    storage daemonfeaturenew2016-04-18efficienter use of Tape drives
  00004554   file daemonfeatureresolved (joergs)2016-04-15Connect from File Daemon to Director Daemon
  00006382   Generalminorassigned (joergs)2016-04-14gnutls_transport_set_int detection broken
  00006341   storage daemonminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-04-01Storage daemon should use logical drive numbers and not drive indexes
  00004912   directorminorresolved (joergs)2016-03-30bareos-dir dies on reload if config has typos
  00005031   directorminorresolved (joergs)2016-03-30Config reload leads to director crash if a duplicate console resource named "xyz" is present
  0000426    directorminorresolved2016-03-29No DB-reconnect after connection los
  00006303   file daemonfeatureresolved (joergs)2016-03-14Need cmdline status info
  00005531   apifeatureresolved (joergs)2016-03-10Expose additional JobStatus information to external programs
  0000627    file daemonfeatureacknowledged2016-02-29Backup of Hadoop File System
  0000313    directorfeatureacknowledged2016-02-29"rerun replay" command to replay jobs that would have been triggered in the past
  0000504    directorfeatureacknowledged2016-02-29possiblilitiy to suppress schedules / clients / jobs for certain time periods
  0000519    Generalfeatureacknowledged2016-02-29bconsole does not reconnect when director connection has failed
  00006131   directorminorconfirmed2016-02-25PID file is not cleared when hard reset occurs
  0000616    directorfeatureacknowledged2016-02-25VirtualFull after a full job with a base job
  00005933   Generalminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-02-25Problem with a job on a passive client and limited Maximum Concurrent Jobs
  000061811 storage daemonminorresolved2016-02-12rados stripe unit and stripe count settings are not being read correctly
  000061751 storage daemonminorresolved (mvwieringen)2016-02-12Add support for rados_striper functions in rados_device.c where it currently dosn't exist.
  000059611 vmware pluginfeaturefeedback2016-01-28Backup VMware VMDK Files as RAW Spase Files in to ZFS Volumes - including Code change examples
  00005602   webuiminorfeedback (frank)2016-01-21Restore displays invalid date on Windows directories
  00004333   file daemonfeatureacknowledged2016-01-15Make all director-> fd communication protected via TLS
  000057831 directorcrashfeedback2016-01-11Director becomes unresponsible when doing big backups
  000057711 storage daemonmajorfeedback2016-01-11MaxSpoolSize not used completely
  00005851   directorfeatureacknowledged2016-01-11pool auto prune keep last jobs
  0000587    directorminorconfirmed2016-01-11joblog has "Backup Error", but jobstatus is set to successfull ('T') if writing the bootstrap file fails
  0000372    directorminorconfirmed2015-12-22failing Run After Job scripts do not influence job result
  000052771 directormajorfeedback2015-12-11Director crashes (not reproduceable) , the first time you go to Jobs section in bat
  00005002   directorminoracknowledged2015-12-03Bareos labels multiple new volumes at once
  00004606   file daemonminorassigned (pstorz)2015-12-03SHA1 checksum sometimes wrong
   000052941 Generalminorresolved2015-11-30Makefile clean action for stored not removing .libs directory
  00005152   file daemonmajorresolved2015-11-30MSSQL Incremental Backups not restorable to files
  00005377   installer / packagesminorresolved (joergs)2015-11-3015.2-rc1 RPM uses too-new "su" in logrotate file
  00005527   storage daemoncrashresolved2015-11-30SD crashes in -current
  000052251 storage daemoncrashresolved (stephand)2015-11-30storage daemon crashes ocassionally when starting a new job
  000048321 storage daemoncrashresolved (pstorz)2015-11-30bareos-sd crash during backup
  00005564   file daemonminorresolved (pstorz)2015-11-30File Relocation does not work
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