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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00002614   directorcrashclosed (pstorz)2015-03-25"cancel all" crashs often director
  000025742 file daemonfeatureclosed2015-03-25When using passive mode and TLS using NAT the verify peer mode will fail.
  00002368   Generalminorclosed2015-03-25Hardcoded path for postgres (verison) in scripts
  00002654   storage daemonminorclosed2015-03-25job hangs and cannot be terminated if spool file is not writable
  000023371 storage daemonmajorclosed2015-03-25Missing handling of "close" errors
  00002605   Generalminorclosed2015-03-25Unable to compile/install the client under Solaris 10 U11
  00000162   installer / packagesfeatureclosed2014-12-01Need fd packages for Solaris
  00002131   file daemonfeatureclosed2014-05-16enable remote plugin info query
  00002871   directorcrashclosed2014-05-16Director crashes when limiting bandwidth for running job


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