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0000704bareos-core[All Projects] webuipublic2016-10-05 12:452017-06-08 16:14
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Product Version16.2.4 
Target Version16.2.4Fixed in Version16.2.4 
Summary0000704: When updating from 15.2, the bareos-dir webui profile does not allow all required commands for the webui
DescriptionThe bareos-dir webui profile, that comes with bareos-15.2 ( [^]) only allow a subset of commands required for bareos-webui 16.2.

Moreover, the CommandACL .bvfs_* is no proper regex and therefore not longer valid. It should be .bvfs_.*
Steps To ReproduceInstall bareos-15.2, including the bareos-webui.

Add the bareos-16.2 repository (or nightly) and update to bareos >= 16.2.0.

While it initially looks as if bareos-webui is working, the pages (especially the restore browser) show no information.
Additional InformationFix (for bareos-15.2 default installation and update to bareos-16.2, without migrating the configuration to Subdirectory Configuration Scheme):

In /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.conf



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related to 0000706closed enable: is an invalid command. 
child of 0000698closedstephand Release bareos-16.2.4 

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joergs (administrator)
2016-10-05 13:05

A good automatic fix for this is not easily possible.

However, this behaviour must be mentioned in the Bareos release notes.

Moreover, the bareos-webui could be extended to check if it has permission to execute all required commands.

If some permission is missing, this functionality can be hidden from the webui and a hint presented to the user.
frank (manager)
2016-10-13 17:15

A new controller plugin has been added, to validate each controller action
if all required commands to run the module properly are given in the
used Console/Profile Command ACL.

Additionally a new view helper has been introduced to centralize the ACL alert
message which is displayed when the given Command ACL does not fit the

See: [^]

Also upgrading webui from 15.2 to 16.2 and the differences between such versions regarding the Command ACL have been documented in the official bareos documentation.

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