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0000994bareos-core[All Projects] directorpublic2018-08-06 14:24
ReportergnifAssigned Toaron_s 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version9
Product Version17.2.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000994: Crash when collecting statistics
Descriptionbareos-dir crashes during backups when statistic collection is enabled.
Steps To ReproducePerform a backup with statistics collection enabled.
Additional InformationDebug output:

bareos-dir (100): sql_query.c:124-0 called: bool B_DB::sql_query(const char*, int) with query SELECT COUNT(*) AS Jobs,sum(JobFiles) AS Files,sum(JobBytes) As Bytes FROM Job
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:514-0 sql_query_without_handler starts with 'SELECT COUNT(*) AS Jobs,sum(JobFiles) AS Files,sum(JobBytes) As Bytes FROM Job'
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:537-0 we have a result
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:542-0 we have 3 fields
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:544-0 we have 1 rows
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:97-0 obj start: jobtotals
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:131-0 create new json object jobtotals (stack size: 1)
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:137-0 result stack: 2
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:730-0 list_result starts
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:746-0 list_result starts looking at 3 fields
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:752-0 list_result processing field 0
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:669-0 allocating space for 3 fields
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:674-0 filling field 0
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:682-0 sql_fetch_field finds field 'Jobs' has length='4' type='8' and IsNull=32897
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:674-0 filling field 1
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:682-0 sql_fetch_field finds field 'Files' has length='7' type='246' and IsNull=32896
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:674-0 filling field 2
bareos-dir (500): mysql.c:682-0 sql_fetch_field finds field 'Bytes' has length='13' type='246' and IsNull=32896
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:752-0 list_result processing field 1
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:752-0 list_result processing field 2
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:788-0 list_result finished first loop
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:839-0 list_result starts second loop looking at 3 fields
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:844-0 list_result looking at field 0
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:844-0 list_result looking at field 1
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:844-0 list_result looking at field 2
bareos-dir (800): sql.c:865-0 list_result starts third loop looking at 3 fields
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:97-0 obj start: <NULL>
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:120-0 Warning: requested to add a nameless object to another object. This does not match.
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:137-0 result stack: 3
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:147-0 obj end: <NULL>
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:152-0 result stack: 2
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:147-0 obj end: jobtotals
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:152-0 result stack: 1
bareos-dir (800): output_formatter.c:863-0 message length (json): 3560
bareos-dir (100): mysql.c:251-0 closedb ref=0 connected=1 db=7ff6c401ea20
bareos-dir (100): mysql.c:258-0 close db=7ff6c401ea20
bareos-dir (580): message.c:519-0 Close_msg jcr=7ff6c40115b8
bareos-dir (200): job.c:1525-0 Start dird free_jcr
bareos-dir (200): job.c:1589-0 End dird free_jcr
bareos-dir (580): message.c:519-0 Close_msg jcr=0
bareos-dir (850): message.c:549-0 ===Begin close msg resource at 555938731498
bareos-dir (850): message.c:663-0 Done walking message chain.
bareos-dir (850): message.c:670-0 ===End close msg resource
bareos-dir (200): stats.c:169-0 statistics_thread_runner: Doing work at 1533248522
bareos-dir (200): stats.c:183-0 statistics_thread_runner: flushing pending statistics
bareos-dir (900): signal.c:136-0 sig=11 Segmentation violation
BAREOS interrupted by signal 11: Segmentation violation
Kaboom! bareos-dir, bareos-dir got signal 11 - Segmentation violation. Attempting traceback.
Kaboom! exepath=/root
bareos-dir (300): signal.c:206-0 Working=/var/lib/bareos
bareos-dir (300): signal.c:207-0 btpath=/root/btraceback
bareos-dir (300): signal.c:208-0 exepath=/root/bareos-dir
bareos-dir (500): signal.c:239-0 Doing waitpid
Calling: /root/btraceback /root/bareos-dir 5560 /var/lib/bareos
execv: /root/btraceback failed: ERR=No such file or directory
bareos-dir (500): signal.c:241-0 Done waitpid
The btraceback call returned 255
Dumping: /var/lib/bareos/bareos-dir.5560.bactrace


Attempt to dump locks
threadid=0x0100007ff6e1ce97 max=2 current=0
   lock=0x555938732818 state=Granted priority=0 res.c:71
threadid=0x0100007ff6e24ea7 max=2 current=-1
threadid=0x0100007ff6e2ceb7 max=0 current=-1
threadid=0x0100007ff6e3f0c7 max=0 current=-1
threadid=0x0100007ff6e7a6b7 max=3 current=-1
Attempt to dump current JCRs. njcrs=2
threadid=0x7000007ff6e7a6b7 JobId=0 JobStatus=R jcr=0x5559387f3778 name=*JobMonitor*.2018-08-02_21.26.51_01
threadid=0x7000007ff6e7a6b7 killable=0 JobId=0 JobStatus=R jcr=0x5559387f3778 name=*JobMonitor*.2018-08-02_21.26.51_01
    JobType=I JobLevel=
    sched_time=02-Aug-2018 21:26 start_time=02-Aug-2018 21:26
    end_time=01-Jan-1970 00:00 wait_time=01-Jan-1970 00:00
    db=(nil) db_batch=(nil) batch_started=0
threadid=0x0000007ff6e1ce97 JobId=0 JobStatus=R jcr=0x7ff6cc001078 name=*StatisticsCollector*.2018-08-02_21.26.51_02
threadid=0x0000007ff6e1ce97 killable=0 JobId=0 JobStatus=R jcr=0x7ff6cc001078 name=*StatisticsCollector*.2018-08-02_21.26.51_02
    JobType=I JobLevel=
    sched_time=02-Aug-2018 21:26 start_time=02-Aug-2018 21:26
    end_time=01-Jan-1970 00:00 wait_time=01-Jan-1970 00:00
    db=0x7ff6cc002928 db_batch=(nil) batch_started=0
B_DB=0x7ff6cc002928 db_name=bareos db_user=bareos connected=true
    cmd="SELECT MediaId,VolumeName,VolJobs,VolFiles,VolBlocks,VolBytes,VolMounts,VolErrors,VolWrites,MaxVolBytes,VolCapacityBytes,MediaType,VolStatus,PoolId,VolRetention,VolUseDuration,MaxVolJobs,MaxVolFiles,Recycle,Slot,FirstWritten,LastWritten,InChanger,EndFile,EndBlock,LabelType,LabelDate,StorageId,Enabled,LocationId,RecycleCount,InitialWrite,ScratchPoolId,RecyclePoolId,VolReadTime,VolWriteTime,ActionOnPurge,EncryptionKey,MinBlocksize,MaxBlocksize FROM Media WHERE VolumeName='Full-0122'" changes=252
    RWLOCK=0x7ff6cc002930 w_active=0 w_wait=0
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bareos-master: impactno
bareos-master: actionnone
bareos-18.2: impact
bareos-18.2: action
bareos-17.2: impactno
bareos-17.2: action
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bareos-16.2: action
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bareos-13.2: action
bareos-12.4: impact
bareos-12.4: action




2018-08-04 07:05

reporter   ~0003086

This but report is invalid, sorry for any confusion. The server was low on disk space and when using batch mode, the temporary batch table was consuming the remaining space causing the director to either crash or hang.

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