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0000984bareos-coreGeneralpublic2019-01-23 11:31
Reporterjoergs Assigned Tojoergs  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version17.2.7 
Summary0000984: Release bareos-17.2.8
DescriptionThis ticket acts as a master ticket to collect information about releasing bareos-17.2.8.
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bareos-master: impactno
bareos-master: action
bareos-19.2: impact
bareos-19.2: action
bareos-18.2: impact
bareos-18.2: action
bareos-17.2: impactyes
bareos-17.2: actionwill care
bareos-16.2: impactno
bareos-16.2: action
bareos-15.2: impactno
bareos-15.2: action
bareos-14.2: impactno
bareos-14.2: action
bareos-13.2: impactno
bareos-13.2: action
bareos-12.4: impactno
bareos-12.4: action


parent of 0000987 new Canceling a job leads to a director crash (TT4200333) 
parent of 0001034 closedarogge Read error on tape may be misinterpreted as end-of-tape 
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2018-07-13 15:00 joergs bareos-17.2: action => will care
2018-07-13 15:00 joergs bareos-16.2: impact => no
2018-07-13 15:00 joergs bareos-15.2: impact => no
2018-07-13 15:00 joergs bareos-14.2: impact => no
2018-07-13 15:00 joergs bareos-13.2: impact => no
2018-07-13 15:00 joergs bareos-12.4: impact => no
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