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0000969bareos-coredirectorpublic2018-06-22 17:18
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Product Version17.2.5 
Fixed in Version17.2.6 
Summary0000969: Single file restore within webui seems to be broken
DescriptionTrying to restore a single file within the webui, but it always restores the whole directory, all files, not only the selected one(s).

Steps To ReproduceExecute ".bvfs_restore jobid=1 fileid=5
path=b2000100" you should normally end up with a temporarily table
(b2000100) which contains just one row, but you don't.

Instead, sometimes multiple files are inserted into the temporarily
table and not just the single one which was selected to be restored.

The problem is located somewhere around the BVFS API.
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child of 0000916 closedjoergs Release bareos-17.2.6 


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bareos: bareos-17.2 eda08bd9

2018-02-26 16:11


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Details Diff
bvfs: fix problem of selecting too many files

When the query 0047_bvfs_select was ported to the new
database scheme, obviously the part limiting the query
to files with the correct filenameid was overseen.

This commit adds the analogous part to the query.
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mod - src/cats/dml/0047_bvfs_select Diff File
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mod - src/cats/ Diff File

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