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0000957bareos-corestorage daemonpublic2018-06-01 14:34
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PlatformLinux X86_64OSSLESOS VersionSLES11 SP4
Product Version17.2.4 
Summary0000957: setting of Maximum Block Size makes sd-daemon not working
Descriptionsetting "Maximum Block Size" in the device section of bareos-sd.conf leads to denial of service problems:
A value of 2097152 ( 2 MiB) works for some minutes and tracing bareos-sd shows that the daemon is indeed writing with 2097152 byte blocks. After some time, the daemon aborts with memory pool errors.
A legal value of 262144 (256k) works for some hours but then the sd daemon hangs and does nothing.
The default value is 64k.
The "Maximum Network Buffer Size" seems to be ignored, sd is reading in 16k units from the socket.
Additional Informationmy sd-config:
Device {
  Name = "xxx_File_Device_01"
  Media Type = File
  Maximum Network Buffer Size = 262144
  Maximum Block Size = 256k
  Archive Device = /xx-cache/bareos
  Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 1
  Label Media = yes
  Random Access = yes
  Automatic Mount = yes
  Removable Media = no
  Always Open = no
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