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0000922bareos-coredirectorpublic2024-03-20 14:37
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version17.2.5 
Summary0000922: true/false will not work always in the same manner as yes/no
DescriptionIn the documentation is written under data types:
    Either a yes or a no (or true or false).

So on most parts of the configuration you can use yes/no or true/false.
But not on the FileSet -> Include -> Options part.
Here it will break the director.
Steps To ReproduceFor example:
1. set use "onefs = true" instant of "onefs = yes"
2. restart the director
3. now the director don't start.
Additional InformationError message:
ERROR TERMINATION at inc_conf.c:254
Config error: Expected a FileSet option keyword, got: true:
line 8, col 42 of file /etc/bareos/bareos-dir.d/fileset/foo.conf
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2024-03-20 14:37

manager   ~0005853

documentation say yes|no not true false and that doesn't mean you can exchange this.
this is also the case for Portable option and certainly a lot of other parameters.

Feel free to propose a PR to fix that behavior, or perceived as a limit.

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