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0000921bareos-corevmware pluginpublic2018-02-28 15:49
Reporterbastef Assigned Tostephand  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version8
Product Version17.2.4 
Summary0000921: VM backup restore: "localvmdk=yes" does not have an effect when specified in fileset
DescriptionI have a VM backup Fileset defined as follows:

FileSet {
  Name = "vm-vcupdmgr47-1"

  Include {
    Options {
         signature = MD5
         Compression = GZIP
    Plugin = "python:module_path=/usr/lib/bareos/plugins:module_name=bareos-fd-vmware:dc=rz47:folder=/"

If I do a restore it does not store it on the fd's local disk but fails:

28-Feb 13:46 bareos47-1-fd JobId 3261: Fatal error: python-fd: Error VM vcupdmgr47-1 must be poweredOff for restore, but is poweredOn

Only if I specify python:localvmdk=yes as Plugin Option during the restore the restore succeeds and stores the VMDK on the FD's local disk:

Select parameter to modify (1-14): 14
Please enter Plugin Options string: python:localvmdk=yes
Run Restore job
JobName: RestoreFiles
Bootstrap: /var/lib/bareos/bareos-dir.restore.3.bsr
Where: /backup/restore
Replace: Always
FileSet: linuxall
Backup Client: bareos-fd
Restore Client: bareos-fd
Format: Native
Storage: File
When: 2018-02-28 13:36:26
Catalog: MyCatalog
Priority: 10
Plugin Options: python:localvmdk=yes
OK to run? (yes/mod/no): yes
Job queued. JobId=3260
28-Feb 13:36 bareos-dir JobId 3260: Start Restore Job RestoreFiles.2018-02-28_13.36.54_09
28-Feb 13:36 bareos-dir JobId 3260: Using Device "FileStorage" to read.
28-Feb 13:36 bareos-sd JobId 3260: Ready to read from volume "vm-30days_0106" on device "FileStorage" (/backup/bareos47-1).
28-Feb 13:36 bareos-sd JobId 3260: Forward spacing Volume "vm-30days_0106" to file:block 0:2392231289.
28-Feb 13:36 bareos-dir JobId 3260: Bareos bareos-dir 17.2.4 (21Sep17):
  Build OS: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu debian Debian GNU/Linux 8.0 (jessie)
  JobId: 3260
  Job: RestoreFiles.2018-02-28_13.36.54_09
  Restore Client: bareos-fd
  Start time: 28-Feb-2018 13:36:56
  End time: 28-Feb-2018 13:36:59
  Elapsed time: 3 secs
  Files Expected: 1
  Files Restored: 1
  Bytes Restored: 78,580,566
  Rate: 26193.5 KB/s
  FD Errors: 0
  FD termination status: OK
  SD termination status: OK
  Termination: Restore OK
Steps To Reproduce1. Restore VM and do not specify Plugin Options = "python:localvmdk=yes" => ERROR
2. Restore VM and do specify Plugin Options = "python:localvmdk=yes" => SUCCESS
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