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0000866bareos-coreGeneralpublic2019-12-18 15:25
Reporteroleg.cherkasov Assigned Topstorz  
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PlatformAMD64OSFreeBSDOS Version11.1
Product Version16.2.7 
Summary0000866: implement `Where` directive in Job/JobDef for making relative path backups
DescriptionIt is a request to implement 'Where' directive in Backup Job/JobDef, so to have something similar to TAR relative directory option.
For example if I want to TAR a /data directory so I may do it differently:

tar -cf /tmp/myarchive.tar /data

or I may do it with relative path:

tar -cf /tmp/myarchive.tar -C / data

It would be nice to have something like -C option for Backup in Bareos as a part of Job definition (or JobDefs).

It would be indispensable to have such option for snapshot based filesystems like ZFS and may be Btrfs. Creating snapshot and temporarily mounting would be good solution for heavily used filesystems. Relative path backup would help to restore directly into primary snapshot or filesystem with out extra efforts.
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2017-10-26 16:16

administrator   ~0002809

Hello Oleg,

that is already possible, please check the docs for the "strip path" directive:


This option will cause integer paths to be stripped from the front of the full path/filename being backed up. This can be useful if you are migrating data from another vendor or if you have taken a snapshot into some subdirectory. This directive can cause your filenames to be overlayed with regular backup data, so should be used only by experts and with great care.

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