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0000803bareos-corewebuipublic2021-08-30 12:47
Reporterchip Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version7
Product Version17.1.3 
Summary0000803: Does not list files in bareos-webui when restoring
DescriptionWhen open Restore menu and select any backup jobs, no files shown in "Select files to be restored" window. Restore job via bconsole menu shows files correctly.
Steps To ReproduceNo errors in nginx logs, no php errors on a web page.
Bareos-webui has access to bareos-dir via restricted console.
Restore job works fine via bconsole.
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related to 0000851 closed Webui does not give any output when requested to restore, or to file list the files within a backup already done. 




2017-03-26 11:57


bareos-web.png (55,724 bytes)   
bareos-web.png (55,724 bytes)   


2018-02-04 05:02

reporter   ~0002898

I am running version 17.2.4 and have the same issue. In fact it's been an issue for the last two versions I've installed. The bconsole list of files shows files exist but the WebUI simply shows the wheel land Loading ... for a long, long time until it shows the Oops must be two many files. The set is not that big.


2018-04-06 11:02

reporter   ~0002972


We have the same issue with some (not all) backup jobs. Wehn we disable the "merge files", it does show files.

I don't think this is a minor bug since it's very cumbersome to restore now without the webui. Our support team is not up to this :/


2021-07-22 11:14

manager   ~0004186

There were numerous fixes since this report has been opened, please let us know if the problem still persists after updating to one of our latest maintained versions 20.x, 19.x or 18.x.

Also please read .


2021-07-22 11:30

reporter   ~0004187

I don't think I've seen this recently to be honest :)


2021-08-30 12:47

manager   ~0004233

Please reopen or create a new report if you still encounter this issue.

Thank you!

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