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0000743bareos-corestorage daemonpublic2017-11-28 12:29
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PlatformVersion: 15.2.2OSUbuntuOS Version16.04.1 LTS
Product Version15.2.2 
Summary0000743: Bareos Amazon VTL block.c:1003 Read error on fd=6 at file:blk 0:0 on device "Drive_01" (/dev/st3). ERR=Input/output error.
DescriptionI think that it is the same problem described in

There is a sistematic error from btape when tring to use an Amazon VTL Library
Steps To ReproduceHaving defined the following file as /tmp/test.conf

Storage {
  Name = bareossrv-sd
  Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 6

  # remove comment from "Plugin Directory" to load plugins from specified directory.
  # if "Plugin Names" is defined, only the specified plugins will be loaded,
  # otherwise all storage plugins (* from the "Plugin Directory".
  # Plugin Directory = /usr/lib/bareos/plugins
  # Plugin Names = ""

Device {
  Name = "Autochanger_AWS_Drive_01"
  Device Type = tape
  Drive Index = 0
  Archive Device = /dev/st3
# Archive Device = "/dev/tape/by-path/"
  Media Type = ULT3580-TD5
  AutoChanger = yes #you will be prompted for the slot number when you label Volumes. The default is no
# Spool Directory = /spool
# Maximum Spool Size = 17179869184 #16GB
# Maximum Job Spool Size = 4294967296 #4GB
  LabelMedia = yes
  Always Open = yes
  AutomaticMount = yes
  RemovableMedia = yes
  RandomAccess = no

when you launch btape...

root@bareossrv:/etc/bareos/bareos-sd.d/storage# btape -c /tmp/test.conf /dev/st3
Tape block granularity is 1024 bytes.
btape: butil.c:274-0 Using device: "/dev/st3" for writing.
btape: btape.c:482-0 open device "Autochanger_AWS_Drive_01" (/dev/st3): OK

=== Write, rewind, and re-read test ===

I'm going to write 10000 records and an EOF
then write 10000 records and an EOF, then rewind,
and re-read the data to verify that it is correct.

This is an *essential* feature ...

btape: btape.c:1167-0 Wrote 10000 blocks of 64412 bytes.
btape: btape.c:614-0 Wrote 1 EOF to "Autochanger_AWS_Drive_01" (/dev/st3)
btape: btape.c:1183-0 Wrote 10000 blocks of 64412 bytes.
btape: btape.c:614-0 Wrote 1 EOF to "Autochanger_AWS_Drive_01" (/dev/st3)
btape: btape.c:1225-0 Rewind OK.
21-Dec 09:28 btape JobId 0: Error: block.c:1003 Read error on fd=3 at file:blk 0:0 on device "Autochanger_AWS_Drive_01" (/dev/st3). ERR=Input/output error.
btape: btape.c:1245-0 Read block 1 failed! ERR=Input/output error
Additional InformationThe problem is present also using:



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duplicate of 0000639 closed bareos unable to read AWS VTL iSCSI devices 




2017-11-28 12:29

developer   ~0002824

Closing this ticket, as it is a duplicate. However it will be resolved soon via the original ticket.

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