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0000737bareos-coredirectorpublic2023-03-23 16:23
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version8
Product Version16.2.4 
Summary0000737: bareos director fails to work with bacula-client >= 7.x
DescriptionI'm testing migration to bareos 16.2.4 (Debian) from bacula 7.4.4.

I've installed director & storage from bareos on separate vm and now trying to connect existing bacula clients.
Every job using bacula-fd fails with the following:

12-Dec 14:33 ma-dir JobId 28: Created new Volume "FULL-0028" in catalog.
12-Dec 14:33 ma-dir JobId 28: Using Device "disk" to write.
12-Dec 14:33 ma-dir JobId 28: Warning: Unexpected Client Secure Erase Cmd: 2999 Invalid command
12-Dec 14:33 ma-dir JobId 28: Fatal error: Bad response to Storage command: wanted 2000 OK storage
, got 2800 End Job TermCode=67 JobFiles=0 ReadBytes=0 JobBytes=0 Errors=0 VSS=0 Encrypt=0 CommBytes=0 CompressCommBytes=0

Setting "Compatible = yes" on storage has no effect. Documentation says, that "A Bareos director can only talk to Bacula file daemons of version 2.0 or higher". FD version is bacula/7.4.4.

git blame says this was broken in process of "fixing" bug 0000520.
Steps To ReproduceInstall latest (Debian/16.2.4) bareos director with storage and try to run job against latest (7.4.4) FD from bacula.
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2016-12-12 18:25

developer   ~0002466

Bareos to Bacula compatibility has only tested up to Bacula 5.2.x. AFAIK Bacula changed there hello strings after this.
As you might have already seen, the Director only tries to configure the Secure Erase Command when it detects a client with protocol version >= 53. Bacula 5 did use "5". I just found out that Bacula 7.4 is using 213 (I did expect "7").

We'll accept patches to extend the compatibility. However, contributors should be aware of Bacula license in Bacula >= 6 (Bacula header).

I'll update the documentation, to clarify, that Bacula >= 6 is not supported.


2023-03-23 16:23

manager   ~0004938

We won't fix this bug without external contribution.

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