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0000727bareos-coreGeneralpublic2019-01-31 10:23
Reporterotto Assigned Toarogge_adm  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version8
Product Version15.2.4 
Summary0000727: wrong error message in disable schedule
DescriptionOn disable a not existing schedule the error calls it client.

*disable schedule=BS_twr_1Y_2sat06_daily06
Client "BS_twr_1Y_2sat06_daily06" not found.

*disable schedule=BS-twr_1Y_2sat06_daily06
Schedule "BS-twr_1Y_2sat06_daily06" disabled
Steps To ReproduceType in bconsole
*disable schedule=somethingnotexisting
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child of 0001040 closedpstorz Release bareos-18.2.5 




2018-04-27 13:28

reporter   ~0002976

Reproduced this problem and sent in a patch, seems to contain a typo.


2018-05-29 11:07

reporter   ~0003018

Fix committed to bareos master branch with changesetid 8671.

Related Changesets

bareos: master ee2b0662

2018-05-17 16:38


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Details Diff
bugfix: Fix wrong error message

This fixes the error message when disabling a non-existent schedule
from "Client %s not found." to "Schedule %s not found.".

Fixes 0000727: wrong error message in disable schedule
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mod - core/src/dird/ Diff File

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