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Product Version16.2.4rc 
Summary0000713: Client Initiated Connection support in windows installer
DescriptionI read this with great interest:

Also supported by an ISP ist the development of the “Client Initiated Connection” feature. If enabled, all connections between a backup client and the Bareos servers are initiated from the client. This way laptops can connect from different network segments in an enterprise network. Servers on premise can connect to Bareos backup servers at external sites, without the need to grant access to the internal network from outside service providers.

--> since the ini file on Windows is not so easily changed and most other parameters are asked during install time, I think it would be feasible to have an additional checkmark which select this option: Connection From Client To Director Dir Client = yes

When selected it should ask for these 2 additional parameters:

Address = <string> # Director Network Address. Only required if ”Connection From Client To Director” is enabled.
Heartbeat Interval Dir Client = 60 # to keep the network connection established

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