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0000708bareos-corewebuipublic2017-06-08 16:05
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Product Version16.2.4rc 
Summary0000708: New language select feature annoying

The new language feature select is quite annoying. Normally I hit enter and I'm logged in. Now I need to select the language over and over.

A default language like English would be a nice tweak ;)

Don't know what you think guys?
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2016-10-14 12:31

developer   ~0002395

I see this similar.

@Frank: is it possible to use a Cookie at this stage? I know that currently the Browser default language is selected.

For me German is preselected and I'm not aware, of an easy way to change this.

@hostedpower: as the webui does not include Dutch, what language is preselected from your browser?


2016-10-14 12:36

reporter   ~0002397


Thanks a log for feedback.

My Browser (IE)


It doesn't preselect anything. I need to select myself.

I have another browser with English language preference and there it is indeed preselected!

I prefer English at all times to be honest, even if there was a translation :) A lot of people here in Belgium do, it's also easier to do research on the internet in case anything goes wrong.

It would already be a great idea to default to English if language is not in the list :)


2016-10-14 13:35

developer   ~0002400

Fix committed to bareos-webui bareos-16.2 branch with changesetid 6720.

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bareos-webui: bareos-16.2 b29f30dc

2016-10-14 15:30


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Localization: Useability tweak

This sets the default fallback language to english
so users do not have to select a language each time
at login.

Fixes 0000708: New language select feature ...
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