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0000701bareos-core[All Projects] installer / packagespublic2016-10-07 13:16
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Product Version16.2.4 
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Summary0000701: default installation defines two identical jobs
DescriptionThe default installation installs two jobs (BackupClient1 and backup-bareos-fds). Both are doing the same things and are scheduled both.

At least one has to be disabled, if not removed.
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bareos-master: impactyes
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bareos-17.2: action
bareos-16.2: impactyes
bareos-16.2: actionwill care
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bareos-15.2: action
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2016-09-28 15:46

administrator   ~0002371

remove BackupClient1 and check with the internal test system if it breaks anything.


2016-10-07 13:16

administrator   ~0002377

Fix committed to bareos bareos-16.2 branch with changesetid 6692.

Related Changesets

bareos: bareos-16.2 2b796aa3

2016-09-30 15:36:15


Committer: pstorz

Ported: N/A

Details Diff
removed outdated BackupClient1 job

This job has been used as an example in prior releases.
Now the job backup-bareos-fd is provides.
Having both would result in two scheduled backup jobs.

Fixes 0000701: default installation defines two identical jobs
Affected Issues
mod - debian/ Diff File
mod - platforms/packaging/bareos.spec Diff File
rm - src/defaultconfigs/bareos-dir.d/job/BackupClient1.conf Diff File

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