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0000675bareos-corewebuipublic2023-09-05 16:10
Reportertigerfoot Assigned Tofrank  
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PlatformLinuxOSanyOS Version3
Product Version15.2.4 
Summary0000675: Restore : when changing Restore job doesn't read definition
DescriptionIf you have a DefRestoreJob setup for Linux Server and a second one for windows server with differents options. like where to restore /var/tmp/restores and D:/restores
if you change the jobtype the webui doesn't reaffect the new values contained in the restore job definition.
Steps To ReproduceHave 2 different RestoreJobs ( one where = /var/tmp/restores, the 2nd with where = d:/restores)

select restore tabs, load a windows client and use RestoreJob 2
the where field is not changed.
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2016-11-03 16:35

developer   ~0002436

The webui restore form currently does not read out your definded where (acl) directive, it just gives you a default by its own which you can edit.

Note: The where acl is taken into account by the dird itself after you hit restore. So you can not write into a place you are not allowed to.

However, this could/should be improved in future releases.


2016-12-02 18:24

reporter   ~0002458

This explanation isn't clear to me. I did two tests with Bareos 16.2.4:
(1) Job file contains "Where = /tmp/bareos-restores2" and the GUI displays the default "/tmp/bareos-restores". The restored files end up in "/tmp/bareos-restores".
(2) Job file contains "Where = /tmp/bareos-restores2", the GUI displays the default and I changed it to "/tmp/bareos-restores3". The restored files end up in "/tmp/bareos-restores3".

In short: the contents of the where clause in the job definition are ignored and only the destination specified on the GUI is used.


2023-09-05 16:10

manager   ~0005380

Cleaning up bugs entries.
No further action will be done on this part of the code without a community PR.

The content of the where shown in the webui will win.

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