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0000673bareos-coredirectorpublic2024-03-20 13:44
ReporterShodan Assigned Topstorz  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version15.2.2 
Summary0000673: restore command does not select multiply filesets in non-interactive mode
DescriptionThe restore job does not work, when client has more then one filesets, using restore command in non-interactive mode, like echo "restore client=test01-fd restoreclient=test01-fd restorejob=Restore_test where=/srv/bareos-restore/test01-fd select current done yes" | bconsole -n

Ideally, the restore job should restore all client's filesets without prompt.
Steps To ReproduceRun restore job

~# echo "restore client=test01-fd restoreclient=test-01-fd restorejob=Restore_test where=/srv/bareos-restore/test01-01-fd select current done yes" | bconsole -n
Connecting to Director test-dir-01:9101
1000 OK: test-dir-01 Version: 15.2.4 (09 June 2016)
Enter a period to cancel a command.
restore client=test-01-fd restoreclient=test-01-fd restorejob=Restore_test where=/srv/bareos-restore/test-01-fd select current done yes
Using Catalog "MyCatalog"
The defined FileSet resources are:
     1: DBM-BKP
     2: TEST-WEB-01
Select FileSet resource (1-2):

And waiting for prompt...
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2016-07-14 17:10

administrator   ~0002319

How about specifying fileset= in the command line?


2016-07-15 13:34

reporter   ~0002320

Last edited: 2016-07-15 13:48

With fileset=somefileset is fine, but the script does not know filesets names (the names are unique). Perhaps fileset=all would be perfect option in this situation, where all is all filesets for current job.



2016-07-15 14:33

administrator   ~0002321

So do you want to provide a patch?


2016-07-15 14:47

reporter   ~0002322

Sorry, I'm not C programmer, just IMHO.


2024-03-20 13:44

manager   ~0005842

Without community help like PR, or sponsoring this will not be fixed

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