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0000667bareos-core[All Projects] installer / packagespublic2019-09-03 10:54
ReporterjungingenAssigned Tostephand 
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PlatformOSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu 16.04 LTS
Product Version15.2.3 
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Summary0000667: Ubuntu repository uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)
DescriptionUbuntu 16.04 LTS gives an error on installing Bareos through repositories - experimental and stable, because of the weak digest algorithm:

Steps To ReproduceAfter adding repository and installing the key, apt-get update gives the following error:

W: Signature by key 2FC04F7E3421E21B70F3231F7A855ABDE0F8EFD4 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)
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bareos-master: impactyes
bareos-master: actionwill care
bareos-19.2: impact
bareos-19.2: action
bareos-18.2: impact
bareos-18.2: action
bareos-17.2: impact
bareos-17.2: action
bareos-16.2: impactyes
bareos-16.2: actionwill care
bareos-15.2: impactyes
bareos-15.2: actionwill care
bareos-14.2: impactyes
bareos-14.2: actionwill care
bareos-13.2: impactno
bareos-13.2: action
bareos-12.4: impactno
bareos-12.4: action




2016-10-24 15:57

administrator   ~0002407

We use a private instance of (OBS) to build our Linux packages. As this is only a warning, we do not consider it urgent to fix this issue. However, recent releases of OBS (>= 2.7.0) have fixed this issue, by signing also with SHA256, see

We plan to update our build infrastructure when we find time for this.


2016-11-08 19:27

reporter   ~0002440

Would be nice you could reconsider this decission because our repos are managed by puppet which has problems running without erros when "apt-get update" is executed.


2016-11-09 06:48

reporter   ~0002441

+1 this affects pretty much every Ubuntu user who's upgraded recently also. I actively discourage my team from ignoring warnings like this as it's a bad habit to get into and paves the way for real attacks on our security.


2017-03-03 18:34

reporter   ~0002594

+1 also here having starting troubles when using the repo with Puppet


2019-09-03 10:54

developer   ~0003567

Does this Puppet related problem still exist with the current bareos 18.2 repos?

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