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Summary0000630: Need cmdline status info

i miss the possibility to check status of my own client.
Like Tray Monitor for cmd-line.

Some user want to check there Backups via nagios and must not have access to the director.

Perhaps it is only a small command needed to read the binaray status file
otherwise this have to connect via the monitor ressource to the client like the tray monitor.

best regards

Thomas Otto
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2016-03-10 15:07

administrator   ~0002207

Take a look at

You can use
bin/ --name <name_of_director_in_fd> --password <secret> localhost "status"

As this library has been intended to work against a Director Console, it fails for a number of fd commands, however "status" working fine (because the connection is closed as soon as the result have been given).

Depending on the feedback, I can include it into the main python-bareos package (from bareos/contrib).


2016-03-10 17:36

reporter   ~0002210

Thanks this looks fine and a package would be great.


2016-03-14 10:58

administrator   ~0002219

Okay, package is build. I guess, it will be available on tomorrow.

You are welcome, to provide feedback on the bareos-users mailinglist.

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