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0000596bareos-core[All Projects] vmware pluginpublic2019-07-04 15:49
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOSOS Version7
Product Version15.2.2 
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Summary0000596: Backup VMware VMDK Files as RAW Spase Files in to ZFS Volumes - including Code change examples

I've had an idea what would be a great feature with your VMvare Plugin
> and I've hacked the code a little, to run some initial test to see if
> it is viable.
> Feature request:
> Backup VMware VMDK Files as RAW Spase Files, incremental forever, into
> ZFS Volumes (ZFS on Linux) using snapshots (after cloning) to give
> access to the different retention points and the (likely or not)
> mapping raw image files as ISCSI Luns.
> What Code did I change...
> (These changes have been used for testing purposes as proof that it
> will work and not considered have to be kept in these sections of
> code, I've also missed out exception handling and cleanup when error
> occur.)
> Attached are the diffs' for bareos_vadp_dumper.cpp &
> Attached is also screenshots that confirm that the check sums from the
> source corresponds to the destination.
> Restore Possibilities:
> Having the a RAW Disk image allows access to backups without having to
> actually restore data. (per ISCSI or NFS)
> Advantages can be seen with DevOps, Access large files or DBs without
> having to restore, Verify Backup without running a restore, starting a
> dead VM in minutes rather than hours
> If you could like further information please let me know.
> Best regards
> Chris Matthews
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2016-01-13 10:43

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2016-01-28 14:39

developer   ~0002169

Thanks for this proposal.
For more details see the discussion on the bareos-devel mailinglist at!topic/bareos-devel/yVchc1Ps4zI


2019-07-04 15:49

developer   ~0003412

Are you still interested in this feature?

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