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0000576bareos-core[All Projects] batpublic2016-01-12 07:18
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Summary0000576: bat conflicts with newer version of alsa-utils
DescriptionThe common package alsa-utils version 1.1 has files that conflict with this package(bat). This will soon hit all major Linux distributions.

Conflicting files:
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2015-12-21 16:23

administrator   ~0002054

According to, this affects some distribution and packages: Fedora, openSUSE (there is a ALSA package called bat).

People using Bareos (or came from Bacula) are used to the name bat.
For the packages we provide, we could rename bat to bareos-administration-tool and only provde a link from bat to bareos-administration-tool.

Creating a update_alternatives rule for this seems overkill.

Anyhow, this will not solve problems for Arch Linux, as the Bareos project ( do not provide Arch Linux packages. This specific problem have to be solved with the Arch Linux package provider.


2015-12-21 21:27

reporter   ~0002055

I am the current maintainer of the Arch Linux packages for bareos. I didn't want to rename bat to something different from other distributions. I created this ticket as a "warning of upcoming changes from ALSA". I also wanted to fix ArchLinux the same way you did on other distributions.



2015-12-22 10:04

administrator   ~0002056

Ok, I see. Thank you for maintaining Bareos for Arch Linux. It is good, that you raise this issue and do ask, how the main project will handle this.

So the ALSA "basic audio tester" (bat) have been added to ALSA in 1.1.0? Have you already contacted someone from the ALSA project? seems down at the moment.


2015-12-22 18:39

reporter   ~0002058

No, I have not contacted the alsa project. Are you trying to get them to rename the bat utilty?


2015-12-23 13:47

administrator   ~0002060

Well, at least I wanted to ask them, if they are aware of potential problems.
I send a message to the mailing list:

After checking the other distributions again, the best option would be, if alsa bat would be packaged as a separate package, like in Fedora (alsa-util-bat).

So the user can decide, what "bat" he wants to install.


2015-12-29 18:28

administrator   ~0002066

Unfortunately, there have been no feedback on the alsa-devel mailinglist.

After considering this again, I think this is mostly a Arch Linux problem, as most distribution check if a binary already exists before adding a package.
As at least bat from the Bacula project have been available on most distributions for quite some time.

I would propose that you get in contact with the Arch Linux alsa maintainer and ask him if he is willing to separate bat from the alsa-utils package, as done in Fedora und openSUSE.

I don't see actions to be taken by Bareos.



2016-01-02 07:12

reporter   ~0002068


I will try and follow up with alsa mailing list or the archlinux alsa package maintainer.


2016-01-12 07:18

administrator   ~0002092

Different persons from the alsa project now responded to my mailinglist message and it seems, as if bat (alsa) getting renamed to alsabat.

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