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0000546bareos-corewebuipublic2016-02-17 17:07
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version8
Summary0000546: Webui fails, when open tab “job”, if there is more than 104 jobid in bareos database
DescriptionIf the number of "jobid" in bareos-dir database becomes more than 104, then if you open the tab "jobs", webui fails, and starts working only after reboot bareos-dir and reducing the number of "jobid" to 104 or less.
Restart bareos-dir without reducing the amount of "jobid" allows to work with all tabs except the tab "job".
Everything else works without any problems
Webacula also works without any problems.
I don't see any errors in log of the bareos-dir in this time.
Additional Informationtests on bareos-webui 15.2.1 or bareos-webui 15.4.0
and bareos-director 15.2.1, bareos-common 15.2.1 (amd deb packet)
DB postgresql 9.4
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2015-11-05 12:39

developer   ~0001917

Do you get a result if you switch to api json via ".api 2" command and execute "llist jobs" in bconsole or is it empty?


2015-11-05 13:30

reporter   ~0001919

In bconsole I executed command ".api 2", after this I executed command "llist jobs" and I see all jobs in output.
Also, I noticed that the tab "job" normally works, if the number of "jobid" in bareos-dir database becomes more than 148.


2015-12-18 12:38

developer   ~0002044

Is this still an issue after updating to latest version bareos-dir and bareos-webui?


2016-01-22 15:38

developer   ~0002152

Is this still an issue after updating to latest version of bareos-dir and bareos-webui?

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