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0000542bareos-coredirectorpublic2019-12-18 15:25
Reporterfranck Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionopen 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version7
Product Version14.2.2 
Fixed in Version14.2.6 
Summary0000542: Director crashes if a restore command is issued with an unexisting restoreclient
DescriptionPiping a restore command with an unexisting restore client crashed bareos-dir:
echo 'restore client=Mentions13 restoreclient=DR_Mentions15 fileset=Mentions13_fs pool=Mentions13-offsite-full-pool storage=Mentions13-offsite-full-storage jobid=21521 regexwhere=%/var/local/pg-backup/br150d/%/pg_dump/%,%/var/lib/postgresql/%/tmp/pg_restore/% select all done yes' | bconsole

Message in daemon.log:
Oct 23 10:37:48 k1002 bareos-dir: bsock_tcp.c:364 Socket is terminated=1 on call to client:
Oct 23 10:37:50 k1002 bareos-dir: BAREOS interrupted by signal 11: Segmentation violation

Steps To ReproducePipe a restore command like the one above with a restoreclient= option set to a client that doesn't exist.
Additional InformationCouldn't find this in the bug tracker, apologies if it had already been reported.
Didn't try to run the restore command with less args, or setting other args to wrong values.
The command runs perfectly when the arg value is corrected.
The command also fails when ran interactively from bconsole (it asks for existing client and fails when you abort it with '.')
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Related Changesets

bareos: master 34bc6484

2015-10-23 19:45


Committer: mvwieringen

Ported: N/A

Details Diff
bcommand restore: fixes parameter checking

This patch prevents a crash, if an invalid client, backupclient or
restoreclient is given.

Fixes 542: Director crashes if a restore command is issued with an
unexisting restoreclient
Affected Issues
mod - src/dird/ua_restore.c Diff File
mod - src/dird/ua_run.c Diff File

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