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0000305bareos-coredirectorpublic2014-06-03 17:26
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PlatformLinuxOSRHELOS Version6
Summary0000305: catalog configuration in pool resource not honored correctly
DescriptionIf you specify a catalog in the pool resource this will lead to funny results.

Fun fact: All pools will always be created in all configured catalogs... EXCEPT if you specify a catalog in the pool resource, then it will only be created in the specified catalog.

Director comes up - pools will be created in their defined catalogs or in all if none is configured
Job runs - all database entries are written to the catalog configured in the CLIENT resource and a pool record is created in that catalog (because at director startup it was only created in the catalog defined in the pool resource).
Steps To ReproduceDefine 2 catalogs (and donĀ“t forget to create the database schemas, make tables and grant permissions).

Configure client resource with catalog A
Configure pool resource with catalog B

Start director
-> check both database schemas for pool records
= Pool only configured in catalog B
Run job
-> check both database schemas for job, media and pool records (and all related tables: file, filename, fileset, jobmedia, path)
= Pool suddenly exists in catalog A, all related database entries in catalog A
Additional InformationTried on Version: 14.2.0 (31 May 2014)

Expected behavior: All job related database entries are written to the catalog defined in the pool resource. Catalog defined in the pool resource should have the highest authority according to the documentation.

Pool resource catalog > Job resource catalog > Client resource catalog
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2014-06-03 17:26

developer   ~0000897

The whole multi catalog setup is kind of experimental even in our upstream
bacula. So it would take quite some effort to get this fixed. I have to see
what happens if the dir starts and what needs to be changed there to get
things somewhat working. So I put it on the TODO list but currently its
being preempted by other work.

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