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0000301bareos-coredirectorpublic2023-05-09 16:41
Reporteralexbrueckel Assigned Tobruno-at-bareos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSDebian 7 
Product Version13.2.2 
Summary0000301: Inconsistency when configuring bandwith limitation
while configuring different jobs for a client, some width bandwith limitation, i noticed that every configuration item could be placed in quotation marks except the desired max. bandwidth.

It's a bit inconsistent this way so it would be great if this could be fixed.

Thank you very much
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2014-05-31 22:04

developer   ~0000889

An example and the exact error would be handy. Its probably some missing
parsing as all config code uses the same config parser. But without a
clear example and the exact error its not something we can go on.


2014-06-04 17:37

reporter   ~0000899


here's the example that works:
Job {
  Name = "myhost-backupjob"
  Client = "myhost.mydomain.tld"
  JobDefs = "default"
  FileSet = "myfileset"
  Maximum Bandwidth = 10Mb/s

Note that the bandwidth value has noch quotation marks.

Thats an example that doesn't work:
Job {
  [same as above]
  Maximum Bandwidth = "10Mb/s"

The error message i get in this case is:
ERROR in parse_conf.c:764 Config error: expected a speed, got: 10Mb/s

Hope that helps and thanks for your work.


2014-06-06 15:39

developer   ~0000900

It seems that the config engine only allows a quoted string. E.g. all numbers
are now allowed to have a quotation. As the speed get parsed by the same function
as a number it currently doesn't allow you to use quotes. You can indeed argue
that its inconsistent but it seems to be envisioned by the original creator of
the config engine. We might change this one day but for now I wouldn't hold my
breath for it to occur any time soon. There are just more important things to do.


2014-12-01 16:13

developer   ~0001086

I added some notes about this to the documentation.


2023-05-09 16:41

manager   ~0005023

documentation updated.

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