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0000287bareos-core[All Projects] directorpublic2014-05-16 17:02
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Product Version13.2.2 
Target Version13.2.3Fixed in Version13.2.3 
Summary0000287: Director crashes when limiting bandwidth for running job
DescriptionIf i try to limit the bandwidth for an actually running job (e.g. "setbandwidth limit=102400 jobid=xxxx") the director and therefore bconsole instantly crash with no further message. Restarting the director is no problem, the job that was running before obviously has died.
Steps To Reproducerestart director, run job, try to limit bandwidth for that job, boom
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duplicate of 0000261 closedpstorz "cancel all" crashs often director 




2014-03-26 10:48

administrator   ~0000837

The cause of this problem is the same that was already fixed for bug 0000261

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