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0000020bareos-coreGeneralpublic2017-06-08 15:36
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Summary0000020: Generate standard configurations for about 4 standard schemes.
DescriptionThe standard configuration files are not nicely preconfigured.

We should have standard configuration schemes that work out of the box for different scenarios.

Especially we need automatic usage of incremental, differential and full pools.

These scenarios should work out of the box, so that they only have to be parametrized with

- device names
- retention times
- mail addresses
- backup times (when should the backups be done)

An adequate backup scheme and automatic backup of the catalog db and sending the
bootstrap file to the administrator should be configured automatically.

Scenarios could be the following:

- Single Tape Drive (least important)
- Backup to Disk only.
- Backup to Autochanger only.
- Backup to Disk to Tape (With Copy Jobs)

Also, we should have intelligent standard filesets for Windows and Linux.

Afterwards, automatic recongnition of attached Tape Drives etc. could be implemented.

In the end, it should be possible to get the Bareos Installation Up and Running in some minutes.
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2012-12-10 14:35

administrator   ~0000015

I suggest that we concentrate on "backup to disk only" for the first release. Evaluate and test this one extensively.

This will work for most of the cases as entry.

We can add more for later releases or in between.


2013-01-14 09:41

administrator   ~0000045

Current default config takes /tmp als directory to store file storage.
On some linux distributions, /tmp gets cleaned with every reboot, some others do regulary purge old files there.

/tmp is not an appropriate location for backup files, should be moved somewhere below /var


2013-01-14 10:30

administrator   ~0000046

current default filest "Full Set" is only /usr/sbin

we should define a reasonable starting fileset, should at least contain /etc.


2013-02-23 08:40

administrator   ~0000149

Already started with a standard config for disk-only backup.
Its also in the git repo, but not tested yet.


2017-06-08 15:36

developer   ~0002657

"Backup to Disk" is used as default. However, with the new configuration subdirectory structure, extra configuration can be included (or included as *.conf.example files)

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