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0000167bareos-corebatpublic2023-05-03 16:34
Reporterfranku Assigned Tobruno-at-bareos  
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Summary0000167: Feature Request: Bareos Tray Monitor
DescriptionThe Tray Monitor looks and feels bit outdated and anyone probably has ideas on new features or issues that could be done smarter.

Please feel free to add your comments into this bug.
Steps To ReproduceHave a look at the current Tray Monitor.
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2013-05-03 19:53

administrator   ~0000387

- Make a balloon tip when job starts or stops (Bug 0000158)


2013-05-03 19:55

administrator   ~0000388

"Well, wouldnt it be better if a died fd would create something linke an red exclamation mark?

If its possible to detect that a fd died or cannot be contacted, it might be an option to show that as an icon.

best regards



2013-05-06 20:37

administrator   ~0000392

- Make the link to in the traymonitor info dialog clickable so that it executes a webbrowser.


2013-05-09 12:53

administrator   ~0000403

- Make the GUI look smarter

1. Show the status in i.e. gui list elements rather than display the raw text
   from the clients

2. Include the bareos logo as a "main" logo i.e. in the background to make
   a clear identity.


2013-05-09 13:04

administrator   ~0000404

- Have a diskussion about the main-task of the traymon in order to work out
  a clearer roadmap.

1. Should the monitor show every data that could be retrieved from the
   clients or be a small and simple tool that only shows the state of one

2. Though, an enhancement could be a set of criteria that can be put into in the
   .conf file of the daemon that lets the GUI configure as well as requests all
   the contents.


2015-02-02 12:10

administrator   ~0001247

Hello Frank,
do you plan to do something on this ticket? Otherwise we should remove the assignment, keep it confirmed and maybe let it up to anyone else to care?


2015-02-02 21:16

administrator   ~0001252

Please remove the assignment.


2023-05-03 16:34

manager   ~0005000

No effort is allowed to this actually

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