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0001569bareos-coreapipublic2023-11-15 13:48
Reporterhostedpower Assigned Tobruno-at-bareos  
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Product Version22.1.1 
Summary0001569: Support client restores via bareos python rest api

We've setup the bareos rest api which we would like to use to give users the possibility to restore files.

For this we read the docs and found all kind of api to restore files for example : bvfs_get_jobids and .bvfs_lsdirs

However these are console commands, currently they don't seem to be exposed via an http API? Is there any reason these are skipped from the python rest api?

We currently don't see any other way of getting files restored, so probably adding the missing api calls to the bareos-restapi project would make sense?
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2023-11-15 13:48

manager   ~0005514

Hello, there's some prototype and research made in that area.

I warned sales about your request, that you maybe have an interest to participate in.

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