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0001550bareos-coreinstaller / packagespublic2023-10-12 16:11
Reporterroland Assigned Tobruno-at-bareos  
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version11
Product Version22.1.0 
Summary0001550: Debian: Build-Depends: openssl missing
DescriptionBuilding Bareos 21.x and 22.x (including todays GIT HEAD) fails in a clean Debian 11 (bullseye) build environment (using cowbuilder/pbuilder) during the dh_auto_configure run with the following message:

CMake Error at systemtests/CMakeLists.txt:196 (message):
  Creation of certificates failed: 127 /build/bareos-22.1.0/cmake-build

That's because openssl package is not installed in a clean environment and it's missing in debian/control Build-Depends.
Steps To Reproduce# First get the official source package and rename it:
mv 22.1.0.tar.gz bareos_22.1.0.orig.tar.gz

# Now get the same via GIT (I could also unpack the above package):
git clone
cd bareos
git checkout Release/22.1.0

# Create the missing debian/changelog file:
dch --create --empty --package bareos -v 22.1.0-rr1+deb11u1
dch -a 'RoRo Build bullseye'

# Create a Debian source package (.dsc, .debian.tar.xz):
env DEB_BUILD_PROFILES="debian bullseye" debuild -us -uc -S -d

# And now finally build the Debian source package in a clean bullseye chroot:
sudo env DEB_BUILD_PROFILES="debian bullseye" cowbuilder --build --basepath /var/cache/pbuilder/base-bullseye.cow ../bareos_22.1.0-rr1+deb11u1.dsc
Additional InformationWith Bareos 20.x I did not run into this issue.

Adding "openssl" to the Build-Depends in debian/control debian/control.src avoids running into the above build failure.

I'm not sure, whether there are other missing build dependencies, at least the build is complaining above some pam stuff missing, but these don't stop the build.

I still see several automated tests failing, but have to dig deeper there.
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2023-09-11 17:07

manager   ~0005403

Would you mind to open a PR to fix the issue on github?


2023-10-11 16:13

manager   ~0005457

Will be addressed in


2023-10-12 16:11

manager   ~0005471

Fix committed to bareos master branch with changesetid 18114.

Related Changesets

bareos: master cf51a011

2023-10-11 16:04


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packaging: debian add missing openssl requirement

Fix 0001550 Build-Depends: openssl missing

Signed-off-by: Bruno Friedmann <>
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mod - debian/control Diff File
mod - debian/control.src Diff File

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