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0001447bareos-corefile daemonpublic2022-04-06 14:12
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Platformx86_64OSCentOSOS Versionstream 8
Product Version21.1.2 
Summary0001447: Restore of unencrypted files on an encrypted fd thrown an error, bur works.
DescriptionWhen restore files from an client that stores the files unencrypted on an client that normally only runs encrypted backups, the restore will work, but an error is thrown.
Steps To ReproduceSample config:
Client A:
Client {
PKI Signatures = Yes
PKI Encryption = Yes
PKI Cipher = aes256
PKI Master Key = ".../master.key"
PKI Keypair = ".../all.keys"
Client B:
Client {
# without the cryptor config

Both can do its' backup and restore for itself to the storage. But when an restore is done, with files from client B on client A, then the files are restored as request, but for every file an error is logged:
clienta JobId 72: Error: filed/ Missing cryptographic signature for /var/tmp/bareos/var/log/journal/e882cedd07af40b386b29cfa9c88466f/user-70255@bdb4fa2d506c45ba8f8163f7e4ee7dac-0000000000b6f8c1-0005d99dd2d23d5a.journal
and the hole job is marked as failed.
Additional InformationBecause the restore itself works, I think the job should only marked as "OK with warnings" and the "Missing cryptographic signature ..." only as an warning instant of an error.
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