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0001377bareos-coredirectorpublic2023-03-22 10:11
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Product Version20.0.2 
Summary0001377: Cannot set max number of jobs for consolidations

We set the server to backup up to 20 clients at the same time in order to get maximum network speed.

However this means also 20 concurrent consolidations will be done later on. The consolidation is a very heavy process, not to compare with just synching data to the backup server with normal backups.

We really need a separate option to limit the max concurrent consolidations that can be run at the same time :)

Setting the job max to for example 5 doesn't seem to work, probably because there is only "1" consolidate job.
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2023-03-21 17:40

manager   ~0004921

Seems you miss the max-full-consolidations parameter


2023-03-21 21:01

reporter   ~0004923

That is the full, but it's the total number that can be a problem on the disk... If you have 200 servers (example), the running 20 consolidations at the same time is still too heavy even if they are not full... It's reading and writing at same time.

While regular backups may suffer from lower network speeds and writing only, they concurring number can be way higher!


2023-03-22 10:10

manager   ~0004926

For that purpose, normally you will adapt the number of device so running 20 consolidations at the same time will require 10 read and 10 writer device. Usually the job being incrementals the consolidation is fast.

So I'm sorry but without any PR code proposal, we don't see things changing here.
Would you mind to propose a code change in a PR, otherwise I will just close here with won't fix.

If you want to see that implemented by Bareos, then I suggest you contact our sales team for a quote.


2023-03-22 10:11

manager   ~0004927

won't fix without community code proposal PR on github.

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