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0001351bareos-coredocumentationpublic2023-07-27 15:48
ReporterInt Assigned Tobruno-at-bareos  
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Product Version20.0.1 
Summary0001351: The search functionality of the "Read the Docs" documentation is poor
DescriptionIt is hard to find desired information in the Bareos documentation
because the search functionality of the "Read the Docs" documentation is poor.

For example a search for "Volume Blocks" will return all pages containing "Volume" OR "Blocks" which is not helpful to find the desired information.

Please implement a better search engine for "Read the Docs" like described here:
which offers New Features like "Exact Matching Search", "Simple Query String Syntax support", ...
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2023-07-27 15:48

manager   ~0005268

As it is still an existing task, it will not happen in a near future.
a) without a community help in coding proposing solution not depending on tier.
b) someone willing to pay to get this done.

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