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0001316bareos-corestorage daemonpublic2021-12-21 13:57
Reporterkardel Assigned Tofranku  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version20.0.0 
Summary0001316: storage daemon loses a configured device instance causing major confusion in device handling
DescriptionAfter start "status storage=<name>" show the device as not open or with it parameters - that is expected.

After the first backup with spooling "status storage=<name>" shows the device as "not open or does not exist" - that is a hint
=> the the configured "device_resource->dev" value is nullptr.

The follow up effects are that the reservation code is unable to match the same active device and the same volume in all cases.
When the match fails (log shows "<name> (/dev/<tapename>) and "<name> (/dev/<tapename>) " with no differences) it attempts to allocate new volumes possibly with operator intervention even though the expected volume is available in the drive.

The root cause is a temporary device created in => auto rdev(std::make_unique<SpoolDevice>());
Line 302 sets device resource rdev->device_resource = dcr->dev->device_resource;
When rdev leaves scope the Device::~Device() Dtor is called which happily sets this.device_resource->dev = nullptr in if (device_resource) { device_resource->dev = nullptr; } (=> potential memory leak)

At this point the configured device_resource is lost (even though it might still be known by active volume reservations).
After that the reservation code is completely confused due to new default allocations of devices (see additional info).

A fix is provided as patch against 20.0.0. It only clears this.device_resource->dev when
this.device_resource->dev references this instance.
Steps To Reproducestart bareos system.
observe "status storage=..."
run a spooling job
observer "status storage=..."

If you want to see the confusion it involves a more elaborate test setup with multipe jobs where a spooling job finishes before
another job for the same volume and device begins to run.
Additional InformationIt might be worthwhile to check the validity of creating a device in During testing
a difference of device pointer was seen in although the device parameter where the same.
This is most likely cause by Device::this.device_resource->dev being a nullptr and the device creation
in The normal expected lifetime of a device is from reading the configuration until the
program termination. Autochanger support might change that rule though - I didn't analyze that far.
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related to 0001289 closedarogge Release Bareos 21.0.0 




2021-01-30 10:01

reporter (568 bytes)   
--- core/src/stored/	2020-12-16 08:46:16.000000000 +0100
+++ core/src/stored/	2021-01-30 09:41:07.065069696 +0100
@@ -1278,7 +1278,11 @@
   // RwlDestroy(&lock);
-  if (device_resource) { device_resource->dev = nullptr; }
+  // drop device_resource link only if it references us
+  if (device_resource && device_resource->dev == this) {
+    Dmsg1(900, "term dev: link from device_resource cleared\n");
+    device_resource->dev = nullptr;
+  }
 bool Device::CanStealLock() const (568 bytes)   


2021-02-12 12:15

administrator   ~0004088

Thank you for your deep analysis and the proposed fix which solves the issue.

See github PR for more information on the fix and systemtests (which is draft at the time of adding this note).


2021-02-15 11:38

administrator   ~0004089

Experimental binaries with the proposed bugfix can be found here:


2021-02-24 13:22

administrator   ~0004091

Fix committed to bareos master branch with changesetid 14543.

Related Changesets

bareos: master d2f8f6ef

2021-02-24 13:57


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Details Diff
stored: fix spooling sideffect bug

Fixes 0001316: stored loses a configured device instance

The Device reference in the DeviceResource could become invalid
due to a missing comparison in the Device destructor. This bug
only occurs when spooling is turned on and has side effects on
the volume management and the reservation.
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